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Describe the exposition of "Poison". What is its purpose?

The exposition of "Poison" is during the middle of the night when Timber sees Harry lying on the bed. And sees him in distress. The purpose of the exposition is to draw us into the story and give us background information so that we can continue along with the plot.


What is the social context of "Poison", and what external conflict does it lead to?

The social context of "Poison" is during the British Colonization of India in India. It leads to the external conflict of post-colonial racism between Dr. Ganderbai and Harry.


What is the climax in the story "Poison"? The resolution?

The climax of the story "Poison" is when Timber and Dr. Ganderbai pull the bed sheet all the way back. The resolution is that there is no snake.


What details foreshadow danger at the beginning of " The Most Dangerous Game"?

- the crew was scared
-the jungle
-talk of hunting
-treacherous setting


What is the climax of "The Most Dangerous Game"?

When Rainsford ends up in Zarrof's room


What happens in th e space between the last two paragraphs in "the Most Dangerous Game"?

Rainsford and Zarrof fight. And Rainsford kills Zarrof.


What is the resolution of "The Most Dangerous Game"?

When Rainsford ends up in Zarrof's bed.


How does Rainsford hit "rock bottom" in "The Most Dangerous Game"?

When he falls into the sea


What is Roger's internal conflict in "Thank You Ma'am"?

Wether or not to run when Mrs. Jones is not looking.