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Discuss the meaning of atma

Atma is pure spirit. The atma survives beyond death of the physical body. It is considered a part of God, which was created before the universe and has been on a journey through many life forms towards reunion with their creator.


How can reunion with God be achieved?

Reunion can not be achieved through thought alone, or by meditation or contemplation. It can only be achieved through action, by living a life that is in accordance with Hukam (God's will).


Describe Hukam

Human beings can only come to know God through the study of the universe which reveal God's order of will.


What is mool mantra?

The beginning of the Japi Sahib (the Sikh morning prayer)


What is the definition of Gurmukh?

A person who constantly keeps God in mind in harmony of Hukam.


`How can a person remain open to God's grace?

By living a truthful life in whatever circumstances God has chosen for them


What leads to going through many cycles of life, death and rebirth

When people concentrate on themselves and their own material possessions, causing them to continue to wonder aimlessly through the many cycles.


What is the meaning of nirguna?

God is without form


What is the meaning of saguna?

God is present in creation so also takes on
some form


Is God within or beyond creation?

Both. The idea of God being both beyond and within creation can seem confusing and contradictory. For Sikhs, God can not be fully understood by the human mind. Human beings can only come to know God through study of the universewhich reveals God’s order or will – Hukam, and by following the teachings which have been revealed through
the Gurus.


What do Sikhs believe about truth?

God knows everything, God is Truth. God is
the only true reality.


What do Sikhs believe abut being born as a human?

Being reborn as a human is a great blessing from God, as only human beings can be reunited with God. This is because humans have the ability to decide between right and wrong, all other creatures live by instinct.


What is the Sikh beliefs on the natural law of karma?

All actions have consequences. The consequences are long term, not just immediately after the
act. Actions have moral consequences which impact on the future rebirth and the potential union with God. Not only your actions, but your thoughts, attitudes and the way you live your live can have an effect on the souls journey. Negative Karma keeps the soul locked in the cycle of life, death and rebirth where it will suffer and fail to find true happiness.However living a life which is consistent with Hakum will free the soul of the effects of karma and leave it open to an act of God’s grace. This will allow the soul to reunite with God and be released from the cycle of life, death and rebirth forever.


What is the meaning of Gurmukh?

A person who constantly keeps God in mind lives in
harmony with Hukam.


What are Sikh beliefs on equality?

In Sikhism all humans are equal regardless of religion, race,gender or social position. All should be treated equally with compassion and love.


What is the langar?

The communal kitchen


What are Sikh beliefs on gender equality?

Denounced the sati practice - sacrifice at funeral of dead husband.


What is maya?

Disillusionment/ detachment from god - leads the soul to forget god and become attached to things that don't last.


What is haumai?

Egoism - when people put their desires before everything else including god.