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Code of professional practice 5.5

5.5 discriminate unlawfully or unjustifiably against individuals, carers, colleagues or other people.


Code of professional practice 1.1

1.1 working with individuals in person centred ways and using this as the basis for social care and support.


Code of professional practice 2.2

2.2 communicating in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way.


Code of professional practice 3.3

3.3 working with individuals and carers to keep themselves safe.


Code of professional practice 4.4

4.4 ensuring that relevant colleagues and agencies are informed about the outcomes and implications of risk assessments.


How to meet needs (provisions). And how the local authority can work in collaboration with other agencies.

Section 34 SSWB


Should the family/individual want an assessment in Welsh then this is their right and local authorities must offer this, otherwise it could be considered as oppression under the guidelines of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2016 and the Code of Professional Practice set by the Care Council for Wales.

Welsh Language Act 1993 to provide services in Welsh were appropriate.


Guidance about adults at risk and children at risk.

Section 131 SSWB


Duty to assess the needs of an adult for care and support.

Section 19 SSWB


Refusal of a needs assessment for an adult.
An individual could be encouraged to have an assessment, as the local authority still have a duty of care and an assessment would need to be carried out if the local authority suspects the adult is experiencing abuse or neglect.

Section 20 SSWB


Concerns if she/he is fully capable of making decisions.

Mental Capacity Act 2005 Chapter 1


Assessment order.
It allows for someone who is unwell to be admitted to hospital so health professionals can find out what is wrong, recommend how to help and start treatment.

Section 2 (assessment order) of the Mental Health Act 1983, as amended 2007


(Voluntary/Informal). This means an individual would be able to get treatment but would be allowed to come and go without being detained.

Section 5 of the Mental Health Act 1983, as amended 2007


Adults at Risk.
Places a duty of care and looks if the needs of care and support are being met by the local authority. This means there is a duty to investigate where there is a concern of abuse to adults.

Section 126-128 SSWB


Understanding feelings. Views, wishes etc.

Section 6 SSWB


Direct Payments to meet an adults needs. Payments direct to the adult who has needs.

Section 50 SSWB


Direct Payments for further provision. Local authority makes payments when they feel the individual lacks capacity to consent to make their own direct payments.

Section 53 SSWB


Combining needs assessments for a carer and a cared person.

Section 28 SSWB


If found guilty and being sentenced then the court would take into account the seriousness of the crime.

Section 143 The Criminal Justice Act 1991 as amended 2003


Personal data. The act advises local authorities to ensure they give appropriate regards when sharing information

Data Protection Act 1998


Duty to meet care and support needs of an adult.

Section 35 SSWB


Delivery of information and consultation strategies for carers. NHS working in partnership with local authorities to deliver minimum requirements.

Section 4 Carers Strategies (Wales) Measure 2010.


Consultation in the course of preparing a strategy each local health board and its partner authorities must consult with those voluntary organisations which are in its area and with which it considers it appropriate to do so.

Section 4. The Carers Strategies (Wales) Regulations 2011.


Promote the well-being of individuals who need care and support and carers who need support.

Section 5 SSWB


Homelessness strategies. Individuals or families who may need support becoming homeless if they are receiving mental health services in the community.

Housing (Wales) Act 2014