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what is active lengthening in skeletomotor control?

The TA muscle tries to contract when you step down. So it is being expanded but is trying to contract. (going down the mountain). Loading determines muscle activity.


requirements for muscular activation and function during ramp walking

biceps femoris muscle silenced and iliopsoas muscle active during stance for downslope walking

check slides for details


modulation of muscular pattern by a body orientation signal

tonic neck + labyrinthine reflexes provide a body orientation signal

check the slides for details and diagram


difference between level, up and down

not sure yet!


limb stiffness is modulated by body orientation signal

orientation of endpoint stiffness - stiffness is greatest along the long axis of the limb


limb stiffness is regulated by sensory feedback

regulation of muscle and limb stiffness by proprioceptive (length and force) feedback

check slides for diagram


measurement of autogenic and intermuscular feedback

check the slides


force feedback is ditributed and polarized during locomotion

the strength of inhibitory force feedback depends on body orientation;
inhibitory force feedback is particularly strong during down slope walking that features eccentric muscular contractions, and weaker for upslope where propulsion is most important