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A _________ is an individual (adult or juvenile) who resides within the legal boundaries of the city of Tampa and, without first giving notice of his or her intention to leave, is missing from his or her usual place of abode; or, a person who is known to have been within the legal boundaries of the city of
Tampa at the time of disappearance and is missing under unusual circumstances;
or, a person missing from another jurisdiction and believed to be in the Tampa
area, when notification is received from another law enforcement agency

Missing Person


There will be no waiting
period required for missing person reports to be initiated and, with the exception of
______, reports will be accepted from anyone with knowledge of the facts.



This AMBER ALERT is activated by local law enforcement by telephoning the ____________ in Tallahassee, FL

FDLE Missing Children Information


Five criteria for AMBER ALERT

1. child must be under 18 years of age;
2. clear indication of an abduction;
3. child’s life is in danger;
4. detailed description of the child and/or abductor/vehicle to broadcast to the public; and
5. The activation must be recommended by the local enforcement agency of


Under extraordinary circumstances when a person age _____has
irreversible deterioration of intellectual faculties and law enforcement has
determined the missing person lacks the capacity to consent, and that the
use of dynamic message signs may be the only possible way to rescue the
missing person;

18 to 59


Officers investigating reports of missing persons will handle the case as if _______ is involved until such time as the subject is located or foul play is eliminated.

foul play


When an adult subject is located, and a violation of law is not involved, and the subject is of sound mind, the location and status of the adult subject will not be revealed to the person making the report unless:

the subject's gives permission.


The _______ will be notified of adults who are missing under suspicious circumstances.

sergeant of Homicide


For a missing person under ___, the pickup will be entered into FCIC/NCIC
immediately upon the filing of the report, transmitted to all law enforcement agencies in the county and placed on the hot sheet for a 24-hour period.



The immediate supervisor will make a determination if the child is in
________ jeopardy. If the child is determined to be in___________
jeopardy, the supervisor will notify the shift commander, who in turn will
notify the Criminal Investigations Division, Family Violence sergeant for
an immediate response for latent investigation;



Generally, the Major Crimes Bureau, Family Violence sergeant will make the determination of the recommendation of an AMBER ALERT, but in extreme cases the ______or _______ can telephone FDLE and get the alert activated.

street supervisor or the radio supervisor


In cases where a street supervisor feels the need for an immediate activation of an AMBER ALERT, the ___________ must be notified immediately.

Major Crimes Bureau, Family Violence sergeant


If the child is not located, the_________ will
determine the duration of the search.

Criminal Investigations Division


If a juvenile alleges that he/she was abducted, the__________ will be notified to determine if a detective will be sent.17

Family Violence sergeant


Originating officers will obtain a _____ from the
Pick-up Desk when placing a pickup for a runaway juvenile. This information will be included in the report.21

NIC number and PIN number


The _________ will make a determination if the elderly person is in immediate jeopardy. If the person is determined to be in immediate
danger, the supervisor will notify the shift commander, who in turn will
notify the Criminal Investigations Division, Homicide/Missing Person
sergeant for an immediate response for latent investigation.

immediate supervisor


If a missing child or adult is not located within ______ after the initial report, latent investigations will arrange to collect biological specimens for DNA analysis/from the missing person or from appropriate family members.

90 days


“Missing Endangered Person” means a missing person under ________ or any person whom officers believe may be a victim of criminal activity.

26 years of age


Florida State Statute §937.022 requires law enforcement agencies receiving reports of missing endangered persons to forward that information to the ___________ in addition to entering the data into FCIC/NCIC.

F.D.L.E. Clearinghouse

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