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Commonality sentence

Imagery-to reflect upon a parting and convey theme

Common themes: Loss, suffering, nature, distance


"Clatter came"

The alliteration draws attention to the phrase to emphasise the energy of nature. The phrase imitates the sound of horses hooves & creates a strong image of the countryside. The phrase is effective as it is harsh & loud so this suggests a disturbance or a warning which creates a foreboding mood.


"Black drums rolled"

Black drums creates a strong image of a storm. The colour black, represents grief and death, while drums rolling creates a sense of impending doom. This is effective as it creates a foreboding mood.


"Quietest fire"

The poet exaggerates this line by using the superlative of quiet to emphasise the idea of the end of a relationship. The paradox of a fire which makes no noise, creates an image of loss and loneliness. This emphasises the impact of the loss on the poet.


"Bangle of ice"

Just as a bangle of ice is restrictive and is something that you wear which remains with you so too does the feeling of loss which shows the impact of loss.