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What is the function of the Tympanic Membrane?

Receives sound waves into vibrations


What is the function of the cochlea?

Converts vibrations into nerve impulses that go to the brain


What is the function of the retina?

Responsible for converting received light into nerve impulses which travel via the optic nerve to the visual centre of the brain and are decoded into an image


What is the function of the Iris?

Separates the anterior chamber of the eye from the posterior chamber .


6 functions of the skin

1. Protection
2. Sensory
3. Fat storage
4. Thermoregulation
5. Produces Vitamin D
6. Scent glands


What controls the size of the pupil?

Light increases - muscles in the iris cause the pupil to become smaller and as light decreases muscles in the iris cause the pupil to become larger


Why are dog's noses wet?

Lacrimal apparatus contains the structures that produce tears and drain them away. The lacrimal gland produces tears, the tears then drain via the nasolacrimal gland, which runs to the nasal cavity causing the nose to be wet.


What stimulates the skin to produce vitamin D?



What protein is found in skin and nails and gives it it's toughness?



What are the 3 layers of skin?

1. Epidermis
2. Dermis
3. Subcutaneous layer


What is the significance of structures of the inner ear being damaged?

Hearing and balance are affected