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Vitamin K

-K2 is the best form to supplement
-good for blood clotting
-bone health- K2 tells calcium to get into the bones along with vitamins


Folic Acid (vitamin B9)

-folic acid can mask B12 deficiency
-needed for red blood cells(RBC)
-important in pregnancy


B complex

-all work together as a team
-no food has all the B's
-supplementing an isolated B vitamin, must take a B complex as well
-some are essential, others are not (non essential are from probiotics made from the body)
-B vitamins are the catalyst of all enzyme reactions
-stimulants deplete B vitamins
-antibiotics will deplete B's from the gut


B1- Thiamine

-deficiency- Beriberi which can lead to death if not fixed, effects the cardiovascular system, nervous system, in children it will stunt growth
-good to prevent sea sickness
-aids in HCL production
-BCP will deplete


B2- Riboflavin ( flavin means yellow)

-turns urine bright yellow
-BCP and HRT will deplete
-probiotics make B2
-deficiency: harm to tongue, sores on the sides of mouth, loosing hair, eye problems.
-sources:eggs, dairy, oily fish, avocados, asparagus


B5- Panthotenic Acid

-anti stress vitamin
-deficiency: adrenal fatigue
-sources: broccoli, eggs, squash, cauliflower


B7- Biotin

-bacteria produced
-sources: egg yolk, almonds, onions, cabbage


Vitamin A- preferred Vit A: Retinol

-deficiency: blindness
-it is an antioxidant
-beta-carotene(antioxidant)- vegetable sources, anything yellow, red, orange, green will be high


Vitamin E

-"mixed tocopherols" best for supplementation
-interferes with Iron absorption
-best sources of Vit E are in oils/ buts and seeds


Vitamin C

-natural laxative (helps stimulate peristalsis)
-helps with stress, because it supports the immune system
-enhances iron absorption
-deficiency: scurvy/ rebound scurvy
-raw forms will give you more vitamin C then cooked: kiwi, strawberry, red pepper


Vitamin B3- Niacin

-known for the niacin flush
-improves circulation and detoxing
-pelegra-3D's: dementia, dermatitis, and diarrhea


Vitamin D

-acts like a hormone more then a vit
-D2- from plants
-D3 produced by the body
-in the sun: 20min will give you 10,000 iu's (without sunscreen)
-good for bone health
-deficiency: rickets which is the same as osteomalacia in adults
-statin drugs will deplete vitamin D
-vit D works with calcium and helps with phosphorous in the bones and teeth
-supplements are usually in the D3 form


Vitamin B6

-B6 depleted by birth control Pill
-Helpful for PMS in the sense that it's a diuretic so helps with bloating, nausea and morning sickness
-works best with B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc