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Standing Flexion

Furthest and first


Sign of the buttock

pt. is supine

examiner passively extends hip.

passively extend hip with knee flexed.

If more ROM and still pain problem is in butt.

if more ROM and no pain = hamstring




DTR test of foot

positive= splayed push into tool

Negative = curl and pull away

Means upper motor neron lesion


Ely's test

patient lies prone with both legs extended.

clinician passively flexes knee watching hip. if hip raises off table test is positive indicating tight rectus femoris.


Milgrams test

patient lies supine and actively lifts both legs off table.

Considered positive if produces pain or pt. cannot hold contraction for longer than 30 secs.



Sacral Rotation

patient is standing or side lying

examiner palpates each side of the sacrum.

Test: As the patient side flexes, the innominate bones bend to the same side and the sacrum rotates slightly in the opposite direction.

If torsion movement does not occur, the patient finds that more effort is required to side flex and it is harder to maintain balance.


Obers test

patient is side-lying with knee flexed at 90*

examiner slowely extends and abducts hip lowering the knee into adduction.

If leg does not adduct and pt. experiences laterally knee pain this is a positive indication of a tight IT band syndrome.


90 90 straight leg raise test

pt lies supine with hips and knees flexed to 90*. patient then actively extends each knee in turn,

If patient cannot extend the knee to within 20 degrees of full extension this is considered a positive test and indicates tight hamstrings.



blow into into and beardown.

Pian in rear = HNP

Pain in front = Hernia


Sacral Extension

looking for PSIS irst and furthest.


Brudzinski - Kernig test

patient lies supine and raises head off table. positive is reproduces pain or tries to relieve pain by bending knees.

Kernig portion is patient lies supine  with legs at 90 and 90 then patient straightens leg.

positive if patient reproduces referred pain stimulus.


Seated Flexion.

Looking for futherst and first


Straight Leg Raise (Lasegue's)

Patient is supine

Examiner lifts leg and foot to pain. then examiner lowers leg until pain recides and then dorsiflexes the foot back to pain.

If patient experiences pain between 30 - 70 degrees then the test is considered to be positive.


Thomas Test

Patient is supine with thigh halfway off table and legs hanging

place hand under spine and have patient draw knee to chest.

If thigh does not touch it is a positive test for tight hip flexors/rectus.


Slump Test