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What are the 11 attestation standards?

Technical Training, Knowledge in the subject matter, Criteria are suitable and available, Independence, Due Professional Care, Planning and supervision, Evidence, Nature of engagement, Conclusions, Reservations, Limited use reports


What are the characteristics of an examination?

High level of assurance, qualified or disclaimer for scope limitation, qualified or adverse for problems with presentation, can be issued for general distribution


What are the characteristics of a review?

Expresses a lower level of assurance, can be used for general distribution, must indicate that the scope of the work was less than an examination, disclaimer of opinion


What are the characteristics of agreed-upon procedures?

The CPA and specified parties agree upon the specific procedures to be performed, report must be limited distribution, conclusions presented in form "procedures and findings", indicate that this is not an examination, disclaim an opinion.


What form do financial forecasts and projection attestation engagements take?

Examination, AUP, and compilation


What form do pro forma financial attestation engagements take?

Examination, Review


What form do compliance engagements take?

Examination, AUP


What form do integrated internal control engagements take?



What form do MD&A engagements take?

Examination, Review