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Which lung lobe has the lingula and cardiac notch?

Left upper lobe


What is the surface anatomy of the lung fissures of the R lung?

Horizontal: anteriorly 4th rib, 5th rib in midaxillary line.

Oblique: anteriorly 6th rib, 5th rib in midaxillary line, T4 posteriorly


Surface anatomy of lung fissures of L lung

Oblique: 6th ib anteriorly, 5th rib in mid-axillary line, T4 posteriorly


Structures and relative position of hilum

Arteries: superior, posterior

Veins: Inferior, more anterior

Bronchi: Somewhere in between identifiable by their cartilage

Hilar lymph nodes

Pulmonary ligament descending inferiorly


On plain film, what structures are seen in the hilar regions?

pulmonary arteries and veins filled with blood


Describe the bronchial blood supply

Bronchial arteries, arising from the posterior intercostals or the thoracic aorta

Bronchial veins empty into azygos system or into pulmonary veins (venous admixture)


Describe the lymphatic drainage of the lungs. Relevance?

Intrapulmonary nodes, hilar nodes, inferior tracheobronchial nodes, superior tracheobronchial nodes, paratracheal nodes, then drain into bronchomediastinal lymph trunks which drain into either the Right Lymphatic Duct, or the Thoracic duct.

*Note, sometimes lymph from lungs may drain into deep inferior cervical nodes *

Imprtant for cancer cell spread through lymph nodes