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Classify the sternoclavicular joint according to structure and function.

Structure - synovial; function - saddle type.


What are the articulating surfaces of the sternoclavicular joint?

Sternal edge of clavicle, manubrim of sternum and part of 1st costal cartilage.


What are the ligaments the help achieve stability of the sternoclavicular joint?

Sternoclavicular, interclavicular, costoclavicular ligaments.


What is the purpose of the sternoclavicular ligament?

Support anteriorly and posteriorly.


What is the purpose and site of the interclavicular ligament?

Supports superiorly, between sternal ends of clavicles.


Where is the costoclavicular ligament?

1st rib and inferiorly cartilage, to anterior and posterior borders of clavicle superiorly.


What is the function of the costoclavicular ligament?

Resists elevation of pectoral girdle.


What are the movements of the sternoclavicular joint?

Elevation of the shoulders, depression of the shoulders, protraction of the shoulders, retraction of teh shoulders, rotation when arm is over head by flexion.


Which muscles move the sternoclavicular joint?

Deltoid, pectoralis major, trapezius, sternocleidomastoid.


Which arteries supply the sternoclavicular joint?

Internal thoracic and suprascapular arteries.


Which nerves innervate the sternoclavicular joint?

Medial supraclavicualr nerve (C3,4), nerve to the subclavius (C5,6).


What is the mechanism of injury of sternoclavicular joint dislocation?

Blow to shoulder anteriorly and rotating shoulder backwards leads to anterior dislocation. Force driving shoulder forward from direct impact leads to posterior dislocation.