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How does your speed affect the amount of braking force you'll need to stop in a given distance?

The faster you're going, the larger the braking force required


How does speed affect your brakng distance?

The faster you're going, the larger your braking distance


Why in real life is it not as simple as 'for any given braking force, the faster you're going the greater the stopping distance'

Because if the maximum braking force is not enough then you'll go further before you stop


Define 'total stopping distance'

The distance covered in the time between the driver first spotting the hazard and the vehicle coming to a complete stop


What is the stopping distance the sum of?

The thinking distance and the braking distance


Define 'thinking distance'

The distance the vehicle travels betweent he driver spotting the hazard and taking action (reaction time)


What is thinking distance NOT the same as?

Reaction time

THINKING DISTANCE measures how far the vehicle travels, not just how reactive the driver is



What are the 2 main factors that affect thinking time?

1. How fast you're going

2. How dopey you are


What 4 things could cause a 'dopey' driver?

1. Tiredness

2. Drugs

3. Alcohol

4. A careless, blasé attitude


Name 2 factors that affect when the driver breaks

1. Visibility

2. Distractions

(NOTE: do not affect thinking distance - just how long it takes for the driver to see the object and thus begin the 'thinking distance' phase ja?)


Define 'braking distance'

The distance the car travels under the breaking force

(between the braking force being applied and the car completely stopping)


What are the 4 main factors that affect breaking distance?

1. How fast you're going

2. The quality of your brakes

3. The quality of your tyres

4. The grip


The faster you're going the...

... further the braking distance


The better your brakes the...

...less likely you are to skid so the smaller your braking distance (generally)


What must be done to brakes and why?

Checked regularly

Worn or faulty brakes could cause an accident


The better the tread on tyres the...

... smaller the braking distance (generally)


What is the minimum tread depth for tyres?

1.6 mm


Why is there a minimum tread depth for tyres?

To be able to get rid of water in wet conditions, thus decreasing the braking distance


What does leaves, diesel spills and muck on roads do?

1. Greatly increase the braking distance

2. Cause the car to skid


What 3 things does the quality of grip depend on?

1. Road surface

2. Weather conditions

3. Tyres