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Outline investment

TNC's inject money into country
Multiplier effect
Businesses begin to thrive
Quality of life improves
GDP increases
Investment in infrastructure


Industrial developement

Primary products are sold at little moeny due to overproduction and import taxes
Manufactured items can be sold at higher prices which means more money can be invested into the country


International aid

Money can be used to improve infrastructure
Education can be improved- example is free laptops to african children
Hospitals get built


Microfinance loans

small loan- buiys seeds- crops grow- profit is divided between farmers- profits go to childrens education- emainder goes to healthcare


Outline the efects of tourism on a country

Why is tunisia popular- climate, close to europe, history and culture, physical landscapes and its cheap to get to and stay
Impact of tourism-now one of the wealthiest african countries, rapid increase in literacy rates and more jobs
Is it sustainable- pollution of the environment
companies keep a lot of the profits
terroism is a constant threat


Intermediate technology

Sustainable technology/ energy
example- hand pumps
improve developemet score (fresh water)
fewer deaths


Fair trade

Gives producers a better price
Immune to price drops (protects workers lives)
Some money goes into schemes


Debt relief

Countries have to pay off debt
less money is spent on the people
countries can escape teh debt cycle when the countries that they are in debt to cancel the debt