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Nigeria is the richest economy in Africa
Population of 21 million
National and financial capital of west africa
275,000 migrants arriving yearly


Social oppurtunities created by urbanisation

Better healthcare
68% have secondary education compared to 40% having primary in the rest of teh country
National grif is present across the city
Several water treatment plants


Economic oppurtunities

Large amount of construction jobs available
Hoem to most of the banks and political buildings
Base of Nollywood (3rd biggets in the world)


Social challenges

60% live in slums such as Makoko
(Only one school in the slum
15 families to one toilet
raw sewage is common
limited electricity and poor water facilities
high levels of crime
policed by gangs)


Environmental challenges

Only 40% of rubbish is collected
Factories are not monitored
Huge traffic congestions (2 hours to cross main bridge)
Not enough formal jobs
(scavengers in Olusosun dump)


Push and pull factors in affect

Education is porr in rural areas
Challenging climate and dessertification
Mainly farming that does not pay well
Political un-rest Boko Haram group


Outline how te Makoko floating community will help people

Natural ventilation
Shade from the sun
Plantations underneath
Local materials
Rainwater is collected