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Dental service organisations - types of care?

Primary care:
General dental

2ndry care: General hospitals
Tertiary care: Dental hospital


What is primary care?

First point of contact for the public
Locally based
Includes GMP, GDP, opticians, pharmacists


What is secondary care?

Specialist care = specialist services, based mainly in hospitals
E.g ambulance trusts, foundation trusts


Role of salaried primary dental care services?

Provide full range of tx to pts who are unable or unwilling to obtain tx from GDS including:
- Children and adults with learning disabilities
- Anxious pts
- Pts requiring domiciliary care
- Other problems including homeless, drug/alcohol problems

= Require extra time and expertise

Specialist service for provision of GA for children and adults

Care provided by
- Dental officers
- Specialists
- Consultants in special care dentistry and/or paediatric dentistry

Staff = salaried
Adult pts pay NHS charges for tx

Monitor level of dental disease through NHS dental epidemiology surveys
OH promotion - toothbrushing clubs, toothpaste packs

Also includes dental access centres
- Provide NHS tx/advice to pts unable to access care from GDS
- NHS charges applied
- Salaried staff
- Usually one course of tx


Hospital dental services?

Access to 2ndry care if referred from primary care
General hospitals - oral surgery, ortho, sometimes restorative
Dental hospitals - teaching and highly specialised services


How to get to tertiary care?

Go through primary care and 2ndry care


General dental services (GDS)

April 2006:
- Pt charges changes
- Registration of pts removed
- Monitoring of contract


Patient charges?

Band 1:
- Exam, radiographs, diagnosis, F varnish, scaling and polishing if needed, provision for OH advice £22.70
Band 2:
- Simple tx e.g. fillings, extractions, RCT £62.10
Band 3:
- Complex tx - bridgework, crowns, dentures £269.30

Will only pay one of 3 bands
e.g pt needing a filling = band 2 covers cost of initial exam and filling
But pt needing 5 fillings and endos will pay same as above pt (band 2)


How is practice activity monitored?

Provide no of units of dental activity performed in each financial year
Band 1 - 1 unit
Band 2 - 3 units
Band 3 - 12 units
e.g. pt needs 1 filling = 3 UDAs, and pt needing 8 fillings = 3 UDAs
To get more UDAs do simple tx first to stabilise dentition and later do crowns/complex work = pt pays twice BUT do not do this regularly on same pt


New contract?

Assess pts OH and risk factors
Red, amber or green criteria