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What is linear/cyclical structure?

A structure of a story that starts with something from the end of the story and ends with something form the start of the story. E.g. A hero dying at the start and the end
Think of it as a circle


Flashbacks/Flash forwards

A technique that takes the story from one time to another, in the future or in the past


Tense change

Used if there is a time jump in the story or when a character is remembering/talking about the past or recalling a memory


Narrative perspective

The perspective that the story is told from. Who it is told from, first or third person or when/where it is told from


Zoom in/Zoom out

Used to really emphasise or focus on something, someone or a person's actions


Sentence length

Different sentence lengths can be used for different situations. Eg. If a lot of adjectives need to be in one sentence, then the writer would use a longer sentence. Or when there is suspense, the writer would use short sentences.



Used when the characters want to communicate or express feelings to the reader(like a diary entry or a monologue)


Turning points

Used in a story when something goes wrong, like a climax, death or sacrifice


Pathetic Fallacy

The author gives human emotions to things like nature or inanimate objects



Alerts the reader to danger that might come later in the story