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what are the 3 layers the earth is made up of?

1) the crust

2) the mantle

3) the core


what does the crust consist of?

it's made up of granite, basalt, gabbrro and other types of rock


what s the mantle made up of?

It consists of silica and metal-rich minerals


what are the 2 layers of the core?

the inner core - made mostly of iron
the outer core - made mostly of liquid


what are the 3 types of plate margins?

1) constructive margin

2) destructive margin

3) conservative margin


explain the constructive margin?

when 2 plates are moving apart and new crust is forming. molten material from the mantle wells up in the space between the plate, hardens and forms new crust.


explain the destructive margin?

When 2 plates are colliding and crust is being destroyed. When 2 plates consisting of an oceanic and a continental, the oceanic may be forced under the other plate.


explain the conservative margin?

when 2 plates are sliding by one another, and no crust is created or destroyed.


what is the theory of pangea?

that a single continent named pangea existed about 250 million years ago, it gradually broke apart and over millions of years the pieces drifted into the locations they are in today.