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who are the three tragic playwrights?

Aeschylus,sophocles and Euripides


what did aeschylus add to plays?

a 2nd actor


what did sophocles add to plays?

a 3rd actor and props/scenary


what are the 4 plays we read and their authors?

Oedipus the king - sophocles
lylistrata - Aristophanes
Atsumori- Zeami motokiyo
Everyman- anonymus


What is the city Dionysia?

A 3 day festival for the god Dionysus, in which there was a lot of sex and booze as well as acting. The acting took place in a competition, playwrights had to write a trilogy with 3 tragedies and on satyr to see who was the best playwright.


Who was thepis?

the first actor


who was dionisyus?

The god of wine, theatre and fertility


What is a satyr play?

a comedy play with crass and bawdy humor, the chorus was comprised of satyrs


what is a satyr?

a nature spirit that has half goat half male traits with erect phayilis's


what are the two types of comedy?

old comedy and new comedy


what is old comedy and who is an example of a old comedy playwright?

old comedy is bawdy, vulgar, ridiculous and makes fun of politicians. ex: Aristophanes


what is new comedy and who is an example of a new comedy playwright?

new comedy is refined, intellectual and made fun of the vices and flaws of everyday people. ex: Menander


what did greek theatres look like?

they were large open spaces with stages at the bottom and the audience elevated on the sides


how did greek theatre begin?

Greek theatre was initally very religious and was a tribute to the gods


what is the skene?

a tent or building at the back of the stage used for actors exits and entrances,usually decorated


what is the proskenion?

the playing space in front of the skene (stage)


what is the chorus?

a masked group that sang and danced they would represent society and comment on the play


what is the parados?

the aisles on either side of the stage/ the song chanted by the chorus upon their entry


what is the mekane?

a mechanical device use to lower actors onto stage


what is a ekkyklema?

a wagon like cart that could roll out, used to bring scenes into the audience


what is the difference between roman and greek theatre?

the romans loved comedies whereas the greeks loved tragedies


what is a tragic hero?

a character of noble birth who has a terrible reversal of fortune. Resulting in a punishment that is always far gretater then deserved. The tragic hero always has a fatal flaw that leads to their downfall.


what are the three types of japenses theatre?

Noh theatre, Kabuki and Bunraku


what is Noh theatre?

dramatic theatre composed of masks, music and 2-3 actors


what is Kabuki?

a form of theatre where the actors had painted faces,elaborate costumes and exaggerated movements. The stages were always very dynamic


what is bunraku?

elaborate puppet theatre


What started the dark ages?

the fall of the roman empire ( which was caused by the barbarians taking advantage of preexisting problems in rome )


What are the origins of medival theatre?

Throughout the dark ages there was so much despair in the world so people turned to religion. Theatre became another way to to talk about and spread religion.


what are the 3 m's of medival theatre?

Miracle plays, Mystery plays and Morality plays


what are miracle plays?

a sacred drama that depicts the lives of saints


what are mystery plays?

dramatizations of biblical events such as creation


what are morality plays?

they convey moral themes using allegories to dramatize aspects of christian moral life


what was the mouth of hell?

a stage prop that looked like the mouth of a monster, it was all firey and smoking ( ate sinners)


what was a mansion?

a booth like structure with corner posts and canopies used to represent biblical locales


what is a pageant cart?

a moveable stage or cart used to accomodate the mystery or miracle plays


what is commedia dell'arte

Comedic plays in which all the actors wore masks


what is a lazzi?

a comedic bit that doesn't advance the plot


who was one of the first commedia playwrights?

flaminio scala


who is a zanni?

a commedia character type usually a servant or lower class worker, they are known as the trickster ex: arlechino


who is a innamorati?

known as the lover ex: isabella, flavio


who is a vecchi?

the old men with money ex: pantalone


name all the plays we read since the midterm and their authors

Hamlet - Shakespeare
The twelfth night - Shakespeare
The Rover - Aphra Behn
Tartuffe - Moliere


When was the medieval period?

from the 5th century to the 14th


When was the Renaissance era?

from the 14th century to the 17th century


When was the Elizabethan era?

from the 16th century to the 17th century


when was the restoration period?

The 17th century


Why was the renaissance period called the renaissance?

the name refers to switch from a religious culture back to ancient philosophy, art, literature and science


What is the name "restoration" period referring to?

The name refers to a switch from the puritan rule back to English monarchy


Name 3 royals who supported theatre?

Queen Elizabeth, King Charles the 2nd and King Louis the 14


Who was king Charles the 2nd and what was he known for being?

He was the king of England for part of the restoration period, and was known for being a playboy (merry monarch)


Who was King Louis the 14 and what was he known for being?

He was the king of France in the 17th century and was known for being very fashion forward and in love with all things beautiful ( sun king)


How did theatre change between the Elizabethan era and the restoration period?

The theatre introduced women to the stage, sets and costumes became much more elaborate and the topics became more scandalous ( sex oriented)


What was the breeches role?

A female character who played a male character ex: Cesario in the 12th nigh


Describe french court?

French court was filled with gossip, sex and scandals, It revolved around who you were and what you wore


What was moliere's real name?

Jean baptiste poquelin


Why was tartuffe conisdered controversial?

Tartuffe's character was a very sly and conniving man, only out for money. He posed as a religious figure implying that the church was sly and out for money as well.


how many plays, sonnets and poems did shakespeare write?

37 plays
154 sonnets
2 long poems


what were the three types of plays Shakespeare wrote?

tragedy, comedy and history


What were the two forms of writing shakespeare used?

verse and prose


How did people know a play was being performed?

A flag was raised whenever a play was going to be performed. Red for history, white for comedy and black for tragedy


what was the name and layout of shakespeares theatre?

shakespeare's theatre was called the globe, it was circular and had no roof


What are groundlings?

Lower class citizens who would watch plays from the very front section of the audience and yell at the actors


who were the puritans?

Religious fanatics who sought to reform England, they were protestants and lead england for several years instead of the monarchy, they also hated theatre as well as Catholics.


What was the puritan leaders name?

Oliver cromwell


Who was Aphra Behn?

The first female playwright


why was the rover so controversial?

The rover discussed topics such as rape, arranged marriage, the double standard between men and women as well as women's lack of choices for their futures. These topics made the play very controversial