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Shortcuts to success book report of quotes.

Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules.

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

Even middle-class folks of today live better than kings lived just 50 years ago!

Knowing what you are aiming for is more important than luck skill or expertise. Unfortunately, it is easy to fall into other peoples view of success and lose our own.

And the reason people want money is because they think they will be able to convert their money into the emotional experiences they most desire.

The more peace you have, the more likely you’ll feel successful.

Prioritize! Studies show that for every minute spent prioritizing, five minutes are saved.

High achievers are used to being in control, and delegating is a process of giving up control.

People who fail to schedule weeks or months in advance often find they only have time for urgent things.
whenever you start a new project or commitment, stop doing other activities you were doing before.

This is interesting. The average American watches almost 4 1/2 hours of television each and every day. Over the course of an average persons lifespan. They spent almost 12 years watching TV and only 10 years working at their job.


When planes fly to their destinations, they are off course over 90% of the time. However they constantly correct their course so they end up where they are supposed to be. We need to do likewise. When people make mistakes they often spend a lot of time in blame self-pity or distraction. That just makes matters worse. Instead, what we need to do is quickly realize when we are off course and immediately take the actions necessary to get back on track.

Insomnia is a hidden epidemic in our culture. It affects one in three people on a fairly regular basis. Most insomnia is caused by a buildup of stress during the day. If you live a stressful life, and failed to take periodic relaxation breaks during the day, you are more prone to being wide awake when it is time to go to bed. Simple relaxation techniques such as deep breathing a leisurely walk or listening to a calming tape can help alleviate a buildup of anxiety.

Try doing the blackboard count down. After crawling in the bed picture seeing the word deep asleep written on it. Imagine erasing the words deep asleep and then picture the number 999 on the board. Erase the number and picture of deep asleep once again. Keep counting back followed by deep sleep if you ever lose track as to what number you are on simply start over at 1000.


And one way we weaken our immune system is by eating foods high in sugar in other words junk food. It’s no coincidence of people often get sick around the holiday season at the same time they are devouring apple pies and Christmas cookies. If you tend to get sick at certain times of the year, try eating less junk food and more fruits and vegetables at those times.

A second step to avoid getting sick is to take good care of yourself. Researchers estimate that over 80% of illnesses are due to stress.

Life expectancy as a smoker is age 62 for men and 65 for women.

We found out that after five years the graduates who ranked in the top 10% of the class in people skills were making 85% more money than the bottom 10% of the class in people skills!


The first step in any conflict is to bolster the ego of the person you’re dealing with. This is exactly the opposite of what most people do. Most people present evidence showing how wrong someone else is, hoping that this will change their mind. Of course this never works the other person just gets more defensive. When we feel blamed, it lessens our self-esteem, and in an attempt to save face, we refuse to admit there is anything to what someone else is saying.
It is much better to do the exact opposite, tell the person you’re dealing with what you like about him or her. If there is something valuable in their plan or approach to a problem tell them that as well. That will make them more receptive to what you have to say, since you’ve complemented them and shown that you have listened to their ideas, they will think you are intelligent and will then feel obligated to listen to you.

Asking people for their solutions is much better than telling them your solutions.

If their ideas are not acceptable, ask them would you be willing to hear a couple of ideas I have which might work better for both of us?

Most peoples’ normal way of handling difficult people tends to be like putting gasoline on a fire.

It takes two to have an argument, and if you simply just ask questions, there can be no disagreement.

Once again, by asking another question, you give them control and redirect their anger toward dealing with the reality of the situation.


Since good listeners are so rare, as you show respect and admiration for the person you are with, you will become trusted and admired.

The best way to make a friend is to be a friend.

Although we think of ourselves as very rational creatures, we mostly act based on what emotionally affects us.

When two people secretly have different rules as to how things should be done, problems will ensue. When two people have similar rules, or agreed-upon rules, harmony happens.

By knowing the most important rules of your partner, your boss, and your customers, you can create harmony and goodwill in your important relationships. When you fail to know this information, you can find yourselves in a constant sea of problems.

It could be said that every upset between people is really a difference of opinion as to the proper way to do things. When we have a rule that is not respected by our partner, boss, or a particular business, we feel hurt. We think that our standards are the right ones, while their way of doing things is wrong. Blame sets in. However, what’s really going on is that people have different standards of rules, and when they don’t communicate them clearly, the rules often get violated.

A sincere apology can go along way toward repairing a broken trust.


This can apply to golf or anything new. I have learned that the greatest resistance to new behavior is at the beginning. For example, in order to get the space shuttle into orbit, it takes 80% of its fuel to get it 5 miles into the air, and only 20% of its fuel to get the other 250 miles into orbit. Therefore when trying to overcome your fears of failure or rejection, it is important to give yourself a large reward for your first effort. After each effort, you could reduce the size of the reward.

The greatest attribute of rejection rewards is that they diabolically change your attitude about failure.

About money. Spending more than you make is the first rule of bankruptcy, not a secure retirement.