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Quote 5 quotes and explain them from the beginning of the text

“I can recall the changing colours of those days, clear and definitive patterns seen through a kaleidoscope”

The airport was my Mecca, my Jerusalem”

“Dreams were as believable as a landscape by Dalí”


Name 4 quotations from the Cinema Key Incident

her "mother""hadn't realised there was a war picture playing with it"

"vomited up the cake and ice cream"

"this was real"

"main feature was snow white"with a"war picture playing with it"


Name 3 quotations from the Snowsuit key incident

‘We all froze when she went down on her side as if we were playing statues’

‘Then,suddenly, her eyes fixed on me’

'glittering black oil slick'
this is a malapropism,


name 3 quotations from the ending of the story

'staircase to the second floor was dark, but i went down the long hall to my room'

'the black shadow creeping up the underside of the world like a flood tide'

‘A small, unripe moon was shafting squares of greenish light along the floor’