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What survival concept does each letter in the word survival represent?

S- Size up the situation
U- Use all of your senses
R- Remember where you are
V- Vanquish fear and panic
I- Improvise
V- Value living
A- Act like the natives
L- Live by your wits, but for now learn the basics


What FM covers survival?

FM 3-05.70


What would your reaction be to an overhead flare?

Immediately lie down or crouch, stop all movement, close one eye to maintain night vision and scan with the other.


What are 9 common signs of dehydration?

1. Dark urine with a strong odor
2. Dark sunken eyes
3. Low urine output
4. Fatigue
5. Loss of skin elasticity
6. Emotionally unstable
7. Thirst
8. Trench line down the center of the tongue
9. Delayed capillary refill in the fingernail beds


What are the basic rules for water consumption in an arid area?

- At temperatures below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, drink one pint of water an hour.
- At temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, drink one quart of water an hour.


Is it always safe to eat and drink what animals eat and drink?

No, some animals are able to eat and drink something that may be harmful to humans.


What is the depth of a hasty fighting position?

18-20 inches deep.


What is dead space?

The space outside of a weapon's sector.


What is the low crawl used for?

To move through places where concealment is limited and enemy fire prevents you from standing completely up.