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What does sustainability mean?

Sustainable development is a concept that ensures meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.


What is a resource?

Something of value to the human race. Resources are fundamental to our survival. Individual nations and entire social and economic systems are dependent on resources. To be classified as a resource it must be utilised in order to satisfy a requirement.


What is the value of organic resources?

They hold intrinsic value (an end in themselves), biological value (yield or productivity) and wider ecological value (for their role within an ecosystem – Take one element out and the whole ecosystem could change).


How are resources defined?

desires, needs and capacities


What are the three categories of resources?

Renewable (i.e. solar energy)

Replenish (i.e. metals and minerals, also some plants and animals)

Non-renewable (i.e. fossil fuels, some plants and animals)


What are the consequences of socioeconomic trends such as population growth and global access to resources?

Consequences include poverty, resource depletion, pollution and climate change.


What is the answer to excessive resource consumption?



What is the term given for resources that an ecosystem provides?

Resources from ecosystems are called ECOSYSTEM SERVICES. These services are related to the well being of the human population.


What is the “triple bottom line” that drives the goal to sustainability?

Social, Economic, Environment. In an ideal world Economic, Social and Environment should all be interlinked, however it is often found that Environmental aspects are undervalued. In addition to this Economic is considered most important, then Social.


What is the term given for someone who has strong environmental focus?

Ecocentric (Ecocentrism). Someone who is ecocentric believes that all biotic beings are of equal intrinsic value.


What is the term given for someone who has weak environmental focus?

Technocentric (Technocentrism) Firm belief that technology can control nature.


What levels of long-term strategic approaches to sustainability?

Global, Local and regional


What is the purpose of environmental management in relation to sustainability?

Environmental Management is based on the assumption that there is an optimal balance of natural resource. Utilization of resources but to retain a life-supporting environment. It involves objectives, mitigation and protection in order to satisfy quality of life whilst minimising the environmental impact. It is a supportive mechanism for sustainable development


How many people are there on earth, and how many are malnourished?

There are estimated to be 1 billion who are malnourished out of approximately 7 billion on the earth.


What is the GEO, and its relation to environment and people?

Global environmental Outlook 5 highlights the vulnerability of people to environmental change


What is the effect of poverty on the environment?

Poverty drives the destruction of the environment as those who have nothing try and make use of what is around them. That means land use change, over grazing, burning of forests. The impact of poverty on the world is devastating.


What are the consequences of excessive resource consumption?

Leads to a crisis. Loss of biodiversity, resources, and ultimately global insecurity.


What has conservation, culture, development and social needs got in common?

They are fundamentally linked. Nature, resources, people and culture. Poses a question on how we can be so happy over exploiting resources. Lack of education? Or willingness to accept?


What are the prospects for achieving sustainable development?

It considers a number of key issues;

Politics – Compromise/ tradeoffs

Economics – economic models

Access to information

Funds from NORTH to SOUTH


What are the priorities of developing countries and who is this outlined by?

Economic and social development and poverty eradication. These are the first, and overriding priorities of developing countries. Therefore to be sustainable. This was stated by the CBD.


What did the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas say about future developments?

There should be an integration of conservation concerns in development agendas. To ensure sustainable human use.


So what approaches should be implemented in a method to protect the environment during development?

Assigning value to the environment. Extending time horizons for development policies. Ultimately re-establishing relationships of human activities and the conservation of natural resources.


How can it be shown whether development is becoming sustainable?

Through the use of sustainable development indicators (SDI). Social, economic, environment. Sustainable development indicators can facilitate decision making at a national level by guiding policy, alerting decision makers and the understanding of key trends.


What is the name of the document that outlines the UK strategy on sustainable development?

Securing the future: Delivering UK sustainable development strategy (2011)


What are the current priority areas for sustainability outlined in this document?

• Natural resource protection and enhancement of the environment
• Climate change
• Sustainable consumption and production
• Sustainable communities


What should Sustainable development be integrated into?

Sustainable development should now be integrated into both economic and social agendas (linking to quality of life).


How did the UK government provide an overview of the direction society was heading in terms of being sustainable?

Sustainable development indicators. These are used to determine whether sustainable development strategies were being met.


What do the public need to do/ think to be sustainable?

Move away from the greed culture by changing life style. Population growth is a massive influence on this. Is it too late?


What are the mechanisms for change in order to be more sustainable?

Clear lack of mechanisms. There is no real way of measuring it. Is it therefore just a concept? By not being sustainable ECOSYSTEMS ARE THREATENED, INCREASE IN POVERTY, GREATER INEQUALITY AND GLOBALISATION.


What percentage of the earths terrestrial land has been modified?