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Who was Sweet dreams written and performed by?

Eurythmics (Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart)


What era was it ?

combination of New Wave and British synthesiser pop, released 1983


Note three features of this music

- repetition (some of them want to...)
- Sultry dance type of song
- light and upbeat tone


Melodic features (4)

- Small number of pitches within aeolian mode transposed to C
- Falling and rising minor third
- Scalic movement
- Syncopated rhythm



C minor


Time signature



What occurs between the verses ?



Describe harmony (3)

- A limited range of major and minor triads within the key of C minor. A pair of alternating chords – C minor/F7 – is used in the “middle eight” section (1.43).
- “Some of them want to use you” Annie Lennox’s voice is multitracked to produce harmony– mainly in parallel 6ths. Also used to create blended backing vocals
- Same harmonies as the intro used in the link but solo improvisation and keyboard bass are different.


Describe melody (3)

- Uses a small number of pitches within the Aeolian mode transposed to C.
- Contains a falling and rising minor third (Eb-C-Eb), some scalic movement and syncopated rhythm.
- “Sweet dreams are made of this” is sung as a solo with the 2-bar riff from the introduction as accompaniment.


Describe instrumentation. (3)

- Percussion effects produced by a drum machine together with synthesized and sampled sounds are repeated using a sequencer and combined using a mixing desk.
- Keyboard plays the 2 bar riff with synthesised drum sound
- During middle 8 synthesised drums, continuous quavers on synthesised hi-hat and what sounds like sampled glass bottles are added.


Describe the Structure (6)

- Structured into Intro, A,A1, Link, A, Link, B, A, A1, Link, B, A, Link Coda
- Intro: Keyboard riff played 4 times with 6 bars of wordless vocals
- Section A Sweet dreams are made of this... begins followed by A1 Some of them want to use you...
- Link: 6-bar wordless vocals Riff played twice
- This is repeated until section B is introduced
“Hold your head up...”
- Coda is section A Repeated 4 times with additions such as drum beat only and keyboard solo. Fades out after final repeat


Describe the intro (5)

- the keyboard riff presents the pitches C-Eb-C-Ab-G in broken octaves.
- Synthesised drum sound marks every crotchet beat
- heavy thud (low C) occurs on the first beat of every 2 bars
- 6-bar phrase based on the chords Ab-G-Cm-Fm-Ab-G
- Multitracked wordless backing vocals


Features of new wave (4)

- Ostinato
- Smooth melodic vocal phrasing
- vocal layering
- synthesisers, drum machines