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What is the construction of a routine

First select your music (usually a 32 bar chorus), then break it up into 4-8 bar phrases. Each 8-bar phrase has 32 counts. Put a step to each phrase and name them - A, B, C, D, or 1, 2, 3, 4, and mix them up in any order to form a routine.


What is the mechanism of a walk

IT IS BASED ON PENDULUM AND LEVERAGE. Place the heel on the ground on count 1, transfer your weight to the flat of the foot on count 2 (this is leverage), relax the knee on the other leg on count 3, and swing it through on count 4 (this is pendulum)


What is pattern and direction

Doing a step on the spot, in a circle, forward & backward, side to side, on the diagonal, or zig-zag


What is rhythm

Rhythm is expressive time, which can be developed by splitting counts and accenting them. For example, the breaking up of a step into crotchets, quavers, semi quavers and demi-semi quavers. Crotchet - counted 1 (stamp), quaver - &1 (step, stamp), semi quaver counted &A1 (ball change stamp) and demi-semi quaver counted &&A1 (ball change, step stamp)


How many times are there/what types of time are there and describe each one.

There are 2 - simple and compound time. Simple time is:
2/4 - 2 crotchet beats to the bar
3/4 - 3 crotchet beats to the bar
4/4 - 4 crotchet beats to the bar
Compound time is:
6/8 - 6 quaver beats to the bar
9/8 - 9 quaver beats to the bar
12/8 - 12 quaver beats to the bar


What can you dance to these times (simple and compound)

2/4 - slow foxtrot, tango and polka
3/4 - waltz, mazurka and minuet
4/4 - quickstep or speed
6/8 - march
9/8 - used mostly for ballet, symphonic or orchestral music
12/8 - tarantella


How do you get the compound time of a simple time

treble the top number and double the bottom number (e.g. 2/4 becomes 6/8)


What beat is accented in Waltz rhythm, Mazurka and minuet

Waltz - the 1st beat
Mazurka - the 2nd beat
Minuet - all 3 beats, as each beat has the same value


What is time

the number of beats in a bar of music


What is tempo

the speed in which the music is played


What is simple rhythm

simple rhythm is on the beat


What is syncopated rhythm

syncopated rhythm is off the beat


What arms are used in tapping

horizontal, opposition, oblique and co-ordination


What is the foundation of tap

A shuffle