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What is targeting on Pinterest

Allows marketers to decide who sees their pins and where they are seen. There are three main types of targeting on Pinterest:

Interest Targeting
Keyword Targeting
Audience Targeting


What is the goal of interest targeting?

The goal of interest targeting is to reach potential consumers by appealing to their interests, which are expressed through interactions with other content on Pinterest


How does Interest Targeting work?

After you've created a pin, you can add it to a campaign and choose interests to target. For example, an athletic brand might target the interest Sport > Running if their campaign uses a pin featuring running shoes.

- Interest based targeting is great for awareness campaigns
- Only target interests relevant to your Pin's content


What is the goal of Keyword targeting?

This form of targeting aims to target people in search of a particular search term, product or interest.


How does keyword targeting work?

If an advertiser targets the word 'stain' for example, then searches with words like 'stain remover' might show an ad about their stain-removing product

40% of clicks off Pinterest come from search results and related pins
There is no right number of keywords


What is the goal of audience targeting?

Audience targeting allows you to leverage existing customers and potential customers based on people who have visited your website or interacted with your content before. There are four types of audience targets available on Pinterest.


What are the four types of audience targets available on Pinterest?

- Audience List - Target existing customers by uploading your own data, i.e. emails or mobile ad IDs
- Actalike - Target Pinners who look and behave like your existing customers
- Visitor retargeting - Target pinners who have expressed interest in your product or brand by visiting your site
- Engagement retargeting - Target pinners who have interacted with your content on Pinterest
- Other targeting - Refers to age, gender, location and device and language targeting. This method allows you to reach the most relevant users at the most relevant times


What are placements?

Sometimes Pinterest becomes more than just an inspiration and discovery engine, it becomes a legitimate search engine for people trying to decide what to purchase.

Pin placement, search functionality and shopping campaigns help to foster this behaviour.


What are the possible places for a placement to appear on Pinterest?

Home Feed
Search Results
Related Pins

By default, Pins will appear across all placements to maximise reach. Pin placement, search functionality and shopping campaigns help to foster this behaviour


Placement tips

- Choose 'browse' to show pins to people as they browse their home feed
- Choose 'search' to show your pins in search results
- In both cases, your ads will also surface in related pins


How do auctions work in Pinterest?

Auctions on Pinterest are based on a second-price auction system, this means that the winning bidder pays £0.01 higher than the second highest bid

There are three ways that an advertiser might be billed:

- Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
- Per Click (CPC)
- Per Video View (CPV)


What are the different ways that an advertiser can bid?

- Target Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
- Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC)
- Target Cost Per Video View (CPV)
- Target Cost Per Install - for app -install Pins Only (CPI)
- Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)