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When tasting spirits, what three components do you characterize?





When tasting, what is the purpose of having a white surface to work on?

To help assess the appearance of the spirit


What is an ideal glass shape for tasting spirits?

A wide bowl that narrows toward the top to help concentrate the aromas


What two things can you do to improve your ability to taste?

  1. Have a clean palate with no lingering flavors
  2. No distracting smells in your tasting area


What is recommended when tasting spirits?

  • Assess the appearance and nose
  • Dilute the sample
  • Reassess the nose
  • Then assess the palate


Why is it important to take a consistent approach when tasting spirits?

In order to get the most out of each sample, it is important to develop a consistent tasting routine so that your assessments are consistent from product to product and tasting to tasting


What is a proper sampling portion size for spirits?

1.5 cL / 0.5 fl. oz

This would then be diluted with equal parts water, prior to tasting

then reassess the aromas and move to the palate


What volume of water should be used for proper dilution when sampling spirits?

Essentially dilute with water of same volume or 100% of the sample size

1.5 cL / .5 fl. oz of water for the same sized spirit sample

This will allow you to reassess the nose and then assess the palate clearly