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How can you modify heel lifts for someone who truly can't do it? (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)

Have them hold a plank at the bar so they still get a calf stretch


TRUE OR FALSE: A student can remove the mats from under their knees during the stretch after knee dancing (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)



TRUE OR FALSE: You can give a plank after the oblique stretches after 3 sets of curl (Q&A Jun/Jul 17).

True; oblique stretches, plank, puppy, cat/cobra


TRUE OR FALSE: You may do small pulls in of your legs in LC/FU tabletop (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)



What is the correct order of setup cues in diagonal seat? (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

Tuck THEN lift


TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach lunges at a 2-count tempo. (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

False; too much for knees


What is the proper placement of the body for standing seat facing the bar with a straight leg? (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

Up against the bar or a half an arm's distance away from it


TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach chair lunges and waterski seat in the same class (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)



When can you do diagonal seat with a prop behind the knee? (Q&A Dec 17/Jan 18)

Only in parallel, NOT in turnout


How can students with knee discomfort modify parallel thigh? (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)

Use a ball


Can a client with a metal rod in their back hang on the stall bar? (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

Yes, they just may not feel much


How should you demo floor zinger after pretzel at the center of the room? (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)

On profile or not at all


TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach floor zinger before a turned out seat exercise. (Q&A Feb/Mar 17)

False; it must come after the primary seat exercise


TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach zinger then kneeling seat without stretches in between. (Q&A Feb/Mar 17)

True! For example, it can also be a nice surprise to lead off with zinger and go right into kneeling seat (you don't have to stretch after zinger in this case because the arms get a rest in KS that follows - it is a great flow).


TRUE OR FALSE: You can use a minimat between the thighs in waterski seat (Q&A Dec 17/Jan 18)



TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach large range reps in legs together chair. (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)



In which exercises can you tuck and press knees back at the same time? (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

Second position thigh and backdancing; NOT in diamond thigh


TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach waterski seat with a mini mat between the thighs. (Q&A Feb/Mar 17)



What's the best flow for teaching floor zinger with kneeling seat? (Q&A Feb/Mar 17)

For the best flow, do kneeling seat side 1 (gluteus medius version), hamstring stretch (zinger version) floor zinger side 1, half lotus, repeat. Keep in mind, it is a lot on the knees so I’d keep kneeling seat short.


What's the correct direction for circles in OWL vs. for seat? (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)

OWLs is definitely in first, seat used to be out first but can now be either direction just make sure student's aren't overcrossing their bodies


TRUE OR FALSE: You can give two sets of high curl. (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)



TRUE OR FALSE: You must do a stretch after 30 pulse pushups (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

False; you can move into large range pushups but can only do 30 small movements at once to keep the shoulder safe


TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach lateral squeezes in parallel positions (Q&A Feb/Mar 17)



TRUE OR FALSE: You can lift your hands off the bar during heel lifts coupe. (Q&A Dec 17/Jan 18)



After which exercise must clients face the bar for floor zinger? (Q&A Feb/Mar 17)

It's only mandatory to turn to the front mirror if floor zinger follows pretzel under the bar, as students will face that way for the stretches anyways.


TRUE OR FALSE: You may use a ball between the thigh in LC/FU large knee bends. (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)



TRUE OR FALSE: You can close your knees and open them as a choreography choice in backdancing with legs in a diamond. (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)

True; on tempo or two counts (max 5). Don't need to have thighs all the way touching


TRUE OR FALSE: You may use a mini mat between the thighs doing hip swings. (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)



In which stretches can clients walk their hands over to the right or left? (Q&A Aug/Sept 17)

Child's pose and straddle stretch


How should a pregnant woman modify waterski thigh/seat or knee dancing? (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

This is OPTIONAL, but they should do narrow V or wide second for knee dancing and parallel or diamond for waterski thigh and standing seat for waterski seat


TRUE OR FALSE: Students with a severe anterior pelvic tilt may use a riser under their large mat for SLC. (Q&A Jun/Jul 17)

False; they may use it in floor core because their torso is down but not in SLC with curling


TRUE OR FALSE: You can use a ball behind the knee in floor zinger (Q&A Feb/Mar 17)

True. You may do any choreography in floor zinger that you can do in fold-over gluteus medius. That includes usage of the ball. Keep the leg out to the side to maintain the integrity of the exercise. It is super challenging, which is why we limit floor zinger to 1 min/side and fold-over gluteus medius to 2 - 2-1/2 min/side.