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An action or a state of being in the present time.

#1: Présent de l'indicatif

example: je vais à l'école maintenant. (I am going to school now.)


habitual actions

#1 Présent de l'indicatif

example: Je vais à la bibliothèque tous les jours. (I go to the library every day.)


A general truth- something which is permanently true

#1 Le Présent de l'indicatif

example: Deux et deux font quatre. (Two plus two equals four.)


Vividness when talking about past events (this is called the historical present).

#1 Présent de l'indicatif

example: Marie-Antoinette est condamnée à mort. Elle monte dans la charrette et est en route pour la guillotine. (Marie-Antoinette is condemned to die. She gets into the cart and is on her way to the guillotine.)


A near future

#1 Le Présent de l'indicatif

example: Il arrive demain. (He arrives tomorrow.)


An action or state of being that occurred in the past and continues up to the present.

#1 Le Présent de l'indicatif

example: Je suis ici depuis dix minutes. (I am here (*I have been here) for ten minutes.)
example: Elle est malade depuis trois jours. (She is sick for three days/ *She has been sick for three days)


An action that was going on in the past at the same time as another action.

#2 L'Imparfait de l'indicatif

example: Il lisait pendant que j'écrivais. (He was reading while I was writing.)


An action that was going on in the past when another action occurred.

#2 L'Imparfait de l'indicatif