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Who wrote the speech "I have a Dream"?

Martin Luther King Jr.



The art of public speaking using sound and syntax


Rhetorical Question

Question asked to achieve an effect



Rhetorical device that inverts parallel structure consists of two grammatical units



Parallelism in two phases or clauses to reinforce their contrast in meanings



Deliberate repetition of words/phrases at the beginnings of lines of poetry, grammatical units or paragraphs


Vocabulary of I Have a Dream

-Manacle: that which restrains

-Militancy: aggressiveness

-Inextricably: inescapably

-Interposition: doctrine by which a state opposes a federal low believed to encroach on its sovereignty


What's King Dream for the children of Alabama?

That one day little black boys and girls will be able to hold hands with little white boys and girls as brothers and sisters


What attitude does King urge African Americans to take toward white people?

To stand tall in order to seek their justice and stand strong and together


According to King, the founders who signed the constitution wrote African Americans "a bad check" . What does he mean?

He means that the founders demonstrate the African Americans as bad or insufficient people


What's the main focus of King's speech?

To encourage the African Americans to fight for their rights and show white people that black people deserve the same rights


In "I have a Dream", what does the author urge his followers to?

To stand up tall and strong, to fight for their rights and for justice


Summary of I Have a Dream

-It starts talking about how even though the "Emancipation Proclamation" exists, the Negro people still don't have the same rights as as white people, and they aren't treated in the same way.
-He says that it is time for the U.S. to lift the notion from racial injustice and that they won't rest until black people has the same rights as white people.
-He mentions that black people shouldn't let go until there are no more signs that say "For Whites Only"
-King says that black people also wanted to vote as white people do, and he wants freedom for the Negro people
-His Dream was that the nation will live the true meaning of its creed, and for slaves and slaves owners to sit together for a meal. Also black and white kids to hold hands with each other
-King wants freedom to exalt from every state, city, and hamlet. He finishes his speech by saying when they allow freedom to everyone, no matter their color or religion, they'll hold hands hands and live in a free nation



Brief and indirect reference to a person, place, thing or idea of historical cultural or literary significance. Doesn't describe in detail the person or thing to which it refers


Vocabulary words of Cupid's arrow

-Blandish: to persuade by flattering

-Mean: stingy

-Prospects: hopes for advancements

-Toxophilite: one who loves archery

-Deodars: cedars native to the Himalayas


Who's the author of Cupid's Arrow?

Rudyard Kipling


Characters of Cupid's Arrow

-Mr and Mrs Breighton
-Kitty Breighton
-Anthony Barr-Sagott


Write two of the settings of the story



Explain what lesson can be learnt from the story

That money isn't what always matters, and is okay to change things and do what we wish


Summary of Cupid's Arrow

-In Simla, lived a pretty and poor girl, daughter of a honest district and sessions judge.
-She was a good girl but knew her power and took advantage of it, which made her mom anxious about her future
-There was this powerful and rich commissioner, named Anthony Barr-Saggott.
-He was a man worth marrying, with good clothes and sympathetic attitude, always smiling and organising dances.
-Kitty was pretty good at archery and was known as "Diana" or "Tara-Devil", and her mother wanted her to marry Barr-Saggott, but Kitty was already in love with a handsome man named Cubbon
-Barr-Saggott did wanted to marry Kitty, so he made an archery contest, if he won Kitty would have to marry him, but if she won she would be free and Have a diamond studded bracelet
-The day of the competition, Kitty was nervous, so Kitty's mother begged her to lose and marry Anthony, but when the competition started, she started shooting arrows in the target
-Kitty won against Barr-Saggott, took the bracelet, and ran away with her lover leaving everybody astonished, especially her mom