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What are the three hazards of electricity?

Electrical shock, arc flash, and arc blast


What office is responsible for generating warning labels?

Plant Asset Management Office (PAMO)


Who is responsible for giving us PPE?

Branch chief and supervisor


What type of face shield should you wear?

Face shield with an Arc Thermal Protective Valve (ATPV)


What does FR stand for?

Flame Resistant


What are test instruments rated for?

The circuits and equipment to which they will be connected.


Where can an unqualified worker go?

Limited boundary if they are continuously escorted by a qualified worker.


What work is permitted on live circuits?

Troubleshooting and testing


An electrical JHA should be held when?

-Before the start of each work day and each new job

-If worksite conditions change

-If personnel assigned to the job change


How do we treat exposed electrical equipment?

Treat it as if energized until tested and proven to be de-energized by a qualified person.


When are protective grounds needed?

When working on conductors or equipment that is normally energized at 600 volts or greater before the equipment is considered de-energized.


Once you are issued gloves, how should you treat them?

They must be properly handled and stored, carefully inspected before use, and periodically proof tested.


What do you do if rubber gloves and/or equipment has no verifiable expiration date?

They must be retested before being used


Is jewelry or metal on the body allowed during switching?



What is an arc flash?

The result of an inadvertent electrical fault, either phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground.


What is an arc flash boundary?

The distance from exposed live parts within which a person wearing natural fiber clothing could receive a second-degree burn if an electrical arc were to occur.


What is considered energized equipment?

Anything that has live parts energized at 50 volts or greater.


What are the Hazard Risk Categories and what are the Max Arc-Flash Hazards for each?

HRC cal/cm^2

0 1.2
1 4
2 8
3 25
4 40


How often do rubber blankets have to be tested?

Before first use and every 12 months thereafter.


When do rubber insulated gloves need to be tested?

Before first issue and every 6 months thereafter.


What is the NFPA 70E?

An electrical safety standard that addresses electrical safety requirements for employee workplaces that are necessary for the practical safeguarding of employees in their pursuit of gainful employment


How hot can an arc flash be and what kind of injuries can arc flash cause?

Arc flash can produce heat four times the surface temperature of the sun at which fatal burns can occur. Serious burns and fatalities are not uncommon at a distance of 10 feet.


What are the electrical shock hazard effects of current on the body?

Can’t Let Go
10 mA

Ventricular Fibrillation
100 mA for 3 seconds
200 mA for 1 second

Heart Failure
500 mA

Organ Burn and Cell Breakdown
1500 mA


When should leather gloves be used and why?

They should be worn over rubber insulating gloves to provide the mechanical protection needed against cuts, abrasions and punctures.


What are the first two classifications of electrical protective gloves and what are their max ratings?

Class 00 - max rating of 500 volts AC

Class 0 - max rating of 1000 volts AC


What is the purpose of ST-19?

To enhance safe working conditions established by OP-2 general operating procedures.