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No the date on which the first Anabaptist baptism took place

Saturday, January 21 1525


Give three reasons on why adult baptism was a hugely dangerous act

First, only infants were baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, second, no one in the group had authority from the church to perform church functions, thirdly rebaptizing was against the law and could result in exile or death.


Know where this baptism took place: in which city added whose home

In the home of Felix manz, Zürich, Switzerland


Know the name of the man given the job of bringing reform to Zürich

Ulrich Zwingli


Identify three of the changes that zwingli brought to zurich as part of his reform

First, he preached directly from the Bible rather than simply reading the Latin words of the mass , second, he removed images and statues from the church is so people could focus on God's word, third, he introduced German into the services instead of Latin, fourth, he encouraged monks and nuns to marry.


No the major criticism that Zwingli disciples had of his approach to preform

They wanted Zwingli to decide reform based only on the word of God. The members of the Church Council had no business influence or controlling Zwingli's reforms.


No the date one which this Zürich city Council ruled that all infants must be baptized

January 17 1525


The Anabaptists believed that faith must come before baptism and that infants could not testify to a conscience fate and when that's not to be baptized. How did this view from that of the catholic and re-formation churches of the time. You should list three differences

First, face had to come before baptism, the one who believes and is baptized will be saved only adults could freely make this choice. Second, testify to a conscious face and where that's protected by gods grace. Third, baptism and church membershipwere reserved for adults who truly wanted to be Jesus's disciples


The Anabaptists believe that baptism and church membership or for adults who truly wanted to be Jesus disciples. How was this believe a threat to the society of the day

First, baptism was a sacrament. It removed the guilt of sin from The baby and infused the baby with Grace. Second, baptism made the child a member of the church. Third, only people baptized as infants could fully participate in church and society


Explain what is meant by the statement that Zwingli's radical followers believed in the "priesthood of all believers"

They did not believe in top down authority. They believed that all members in the church are equal. Each member of this new church had an equal right to carry out church leadership tasks


Describe the life and contributions, complete with appropriate dates, of one of the following,
Conrad Grebel, George Blaurock, Felix manz

George Blaurock (1492-1529)
First, he asked Conrad Grable to baptize him at the historic January 1 1525 meeting of Zwingli's radical followers.
Secondly, he fiercely preach the gospel and baptized people.
Third, the Zürich authorities flogged him and banished him from the city. Fourth, he was burned at the stake in the Tyrol region in September 6 1529


Identify one critique the grebel had of;
Thomas müntzer
Martin Luther

Thomas muntzer
The German hymns that were song had no scripture, that Christian should defend themselves with swords
Martin Luther
That he should not use the weakness of Christians as a reason of not reforming


Know the names and dates of Balthasar Hubmaier.

Balthasar Hubmaier (1480-1529)


KNow the name and significance of Waldshut

Waldshut is a small village with a population of 7000 in southern Germany. It's where Anabaptism started.


KNow the responsibility that Michael Sattler held and where he carried out this task

Michael Sattler (1490-1527)was responsible for writing a confession of faith for the fledging AnaBaptist group. He called a meeting in schleitheim, a small town on the northern border of Switzerland.


No the date of the schleitheim confession

February 24 1527


Know the name of Michael Sattler's wife



Be able to list, and in a sentence per point explain, the seven articles of the schleitheim confession

1. concerning baptism
Baptism is for all who fully believe and/or has reformed in Christ.
2. Concerning the ban (requiring someone to leave the church's fellowship)
It deals with a fellow member that sinned they go to counselling and if they don't repent infront of the congregation they are banned and thrown away as a sinner into society
3. Concerning the Lord supper (communion)
Only the children of God must be united in the body of Christ, (the congregation of God) before beforehand.
The Lord supper is communion, they are all sitting together as one.
4. Concerning the separation from the world
From Catholic churches from popish and repoblish works and violence must Christian separate their behaviours from
5. Concerning shepherds, or pastors
A replacement for a pastor is found within the congregation.A pastors task is counseling, funerals, weddings, services, and worship
6. Concerning the sword/use of force
The church does the knee force but the sword is ordained by God.
7. Concerning the oath
Christians are not to swear to validate the truth of their statements. A simple yes or no is all a Christian needs to say. On the sermon on the mount, Jesus said on a Christ's life should be simply a yes or no. Our life should reflect the truth or not the truth. The truth is who we are


No the two acts of heresy of which Sattler was accused

First, he had abandoned the Monastic order, given up his vows as a monk, and had gotten married. Second, he said that Christians should not fight. This applied even to hated turks who threatened to destroy Christendom.


How did Statler respond to these accusations?

First, based on what Paul says in the Bible, the monastic life was unchristian and dangerous to one's faith (first Corinthians 7 1 to 8)
Second, he admitted that he had taught nonresistance and nonviolence on the basis of God's commandment "you shall not kill"


KNow house later made the charges against him even worse

He said if war was right I'd rather fight with the Muslim Turks against Christians. The Mahometans don't know Christian faith and cannot be blamed for the violence against Christians. They are nearly turks of the flesh. However, Christians who kill their own brothers and sisters in Christ are turks of the Spirit.


KNow the method and place of Margaretha Sattlers martyrdom

She was drowned in the nekkar river.


Be able to list three specific jobs held by H.S Bender (1897 to 1962)

Scholar, Professor, administrator, preacher, and churchworker


Why did bender write the essay, the Anabaptist vision

First, it clarified Mennonite faith and practice and gave Mennonites a clear sense of who they were as a denomination. Second, it's served and continues to function as a reference point for theological debate and critique


How did bender finally make it to the 1943 meeting of the American Society of church history, who paid his travel costs, how much did those costs cost

Bender took a train to the American society meeting in New York and then to the MCC meeting the next day. MCC paid for his costs which were $10


What has been one criticism of H.S Benders anabaptist Vision

That he would imply that The Swiss brethren in were the most faithful and anaBaptist and because of that he failed to notice how the other Anabaptist groups were growing


According to benders vision, what were two ways in which the reformers, Luther and Zwingli , made changes to the church

They revived true Christian faith and introduced the principle of the priesthood of all believers. They removed abuse is connected with the sale of indulgences and the venteration of saints and images


According to benders vision, what were two ways in which the reformers kept things in the church the same?

They kept infant baptism, the idea of a territorial church and the close relationship between church and state


Why didn't the Anabaptist think reforming the old church was enough

They believed that the church began to decline spiritually and Morley. The loss of faith and the abuse is that crept in were due to the marriage of the church and state


What to Anabaptist believes help influence the way our modern democracies operate?

The Anabaptists separation between church and state, voluntarism in religious faith, and the belief that each should be free to worship God according to one's conscience