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How does Bob Cratchit show his generosity towards Scrooge, despite his treatment by him?

I'll give you Mr. Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast!

Title 'Mr' is used to show how bob holds a lot of respect for him and uses his full title as if actually addressing him
Fricatives show his excitement and energy
'The Founder of the Feast' is capitalised as if it were Scrooge's actual name, this shows how Bob enjoys making Scrooge seem nicer than he is
Even though Bob earned the money to pay for it he gives credit to others
'I'll give you'- Bob Cratchit is poor and can't give much but still holds Christmas spirit


How is Tiny Tim's essence described?

"Tiny Tim thy child essence is from God."

Shows the Christmas spirit is holy

Biblical language shows Tiny Tim is almost a sacrifice in order for Scrooge to achieve redemption.

Shows how the Christmas spirit can flow through the 'poor and the destitute' - exactly what the charity workers described them as, showing charity represents the ultimate goodness spreading Dickens' message of Charity.

Shows a child should be full of joy - unlike Dickens was when he was set to work in a blacking factory due to his family's debt.

Contrasts with Scrooge as a child.


How is the Cratchits' Christmas goose described, representing the frugal nature of the Cratchits?

Its tenderness and flavour, size and cheapness, were the themes of universal admiration

Conjunction 'and' is repeated to emphasise that the Cratchits are overwhelmed by the appearance of the food

'Universal admiration' shows how they believe it's so great everyone would be able to appreciate the turkey.
In reality the turkey is actually pretty unsatisfactory for the family but they are amazed by it anyway which shows their immense gratitude


What do all Cratchits not say nor think regarding their Christmas pudding?

But nobody said or thought it was at all a small pudding for a large family.

Shows family is thoughtful and wise, self-aware in the fact that they are not very well off, but also know not to say this out loud as it would diminish their happiness, which is one of the few things they are rich in.

Subtly highlights Dickens' message in that the poor in Victorian Britain have a small wealth for a large population, as well as Britain having a finite wealth that it should divide up fairly between the nation.

'Small pudding' and 'large family' contrast to show how unfair the division of wealth was within Victorian Britain.