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Major Event NUMBER 1

19th February 1917 : Strike at Putilov engineering Works -they want higher wages because their wages had lost value as a result of inflation.


Major EVENT 2

23rd February 1917 : International Women’s Day - socialist groups organise massive rallies and marches, they joined 100000 strikers and demonstrators on the street of Petrograd : simple slogans - “Down with hunger!” & “Bread for the workers!”


Major EVENT 3

25th February 1917 : No public transport, no newspapers printed, 300,000 demonstrators on the street and police sympathy


Major EVENT 4

26th February 1917 : Nicholas instructs army to restore order but some of the Petrograd Garrison has deserted - some shots are fired at protesters but there are no newspapers to print out the Tsar’s orders.


Major EVENT 5

27th February 1917 : Buildings and shops are looted, most of the Petrograd Garrison mutinied and Du a dissolves although 12 members set up a “Provisional Committee” - Kerensky demands Nicholas to abdicate.


Major EVENT 6

Petrograd Soviet issues the newspaper “Izvestiya” and declares its intentions to remove the old system of government


Summarise the February Revolution (1917)

Abdication if Tsar + emergence of PG out of the Duma


Major EVENT 7

1st March 1917 : PS issues Order Number 1 : all military matters have to pass through the PS first before they could be carried out


Major EVENT 8

2nd March 1917 : Nicholas abdicates (refuses to let son take over due to haemophilia and his brother (Grand Duke Michael) refuses)


Major EVENT 9

3rd March 1917 : The Provisional Committee renames itself the PG and becomes responsible for running the country