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How did the railway effect America socially? Give six points

1) Cuts journey time
2) More trade
3) Creat alliances with other country's
4) Safer journeys
5) Migration leads to wider cultural mix - lead to racial segregation but can also spread more ideas
6) Government gets more money


How did the railway effect America economically?

1) More trade
2) More businesses are set up/partnerships
3) Government had more money
4) New people means more people willing to take different jobs
5) Railways might over charge people or share what they have made unfairly between workers


How did the railway benefit America politically? Give four points

1) Government would become richer from more immigrants settling in the west
2) Advertise their country because more people could access it
3) Faster delivery of important messages
4) Shows off the fact that America is united and has therefore become a stronger and more powerful country
5) Government gets more money


How many miles was it?
How many years did it take?

1907 miles


Who were the two railroad company's that built it?

Western/Central Pacific Railroad Company of California and the Union Pacific Railroad Company