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What forms of abuse are represented by the Power and Control wheel?

Emotional abuse
Economic abuse
Sexual abuse
Using children
Dominating behaviour


What are some of the ways in which children suffer, when raised in a violent relationship?

Permanent brain impairment, with life long impact
They have difficulty dealing with their own aggressive impulses
They demonstrate many anxiety symptoms such as nail biting and bed-wetting
They are prone to discipline problems such as stealing and truancy


What are the phases of the Three-phase violence cycle?

Calm loving respite
Tension building
Acute battering incident


How may the offender behave in each of the phases?

Calm loving respite - remorse, loving kind contrite, promises
Tension building - rising tensions, minor battering, the chase, threats, unbearable tension
Acute battering incident - major assault, she may call police


Why do women find it difficult to leave a violent relationship?

FEAR AND PRESSURE - Fear of homelessness, Pressure from friends, relatives, well-meaning helpers
PSYCHOLOGICAL & EMOTIONAL FACTORS - Still loves partners, Hopes partner will change, Guilt
DEPENDENCY - young children, little or no money, few work skills


What are some of the characteristics of violent domestic offenders?

96% are male
Justify their behaviour i.e. "I flew off the handle"
Low self esteem
They are possessive and prone to jealousy