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How many people were accused of witchcraft? How Many were executed?

20 accused
19 executions
200 prosecuted


How did the 17th century New Englanders view witchcraft? What kind of evidence did they look for?

New Englanders were susceptible to the paranormal, exclusively due to their superstitious nature and regimented principles.


How did the witchcraft episode begin?

In 1692,

Young girls in village complained of sudden, unexplained illnesses, some severe... People began suspecting the devil and witchcraft.


What happened to anyone accused of witchcraft?

Anyone accused was summarily taken into custody without a shred of credible evidence.


Boyer and Nissenbaum's influential study, Salem

explaining the witchcraft episode in Salem Village --> Boyer and Nissenbaum created a Salem Village map that used
letters to mark locations of individual accusers (A), accused witches
(W), and defenders (D)


What did Boyer and Nissenbaum argue?

Boyer and Nissenbaum argued that under
lying the neighborly quarrels was a deep-seated economic difference between the village and the neighboring commercial Salem Town