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The Iroquois use the ideas in this myth to —

explain how natural phenomena came to be


The author includes both the right- and the left-hand twin in the myth to —

demonstrate Iroquois ideas about different facets of human nature


From the description of the muskrat in paragraph 11, the reader can infer that —

he had greater stamina and perseverance than the other animals


Read the following dictionary entry.
quiver \kwi’ vәr\ v 1. to shake with a small, quick motion n 2. a small trembling movement; usually
caused by emotion 3. a case used by an archer to hold and carry supplies 4. a group of contained arrows
Which definition best matches the use of the word quiver in paragraph 14?

Definition 3 - a case used by an archer to hold and carry supplies


Paragraphs 21 and 22 contribute to the theme of a balance between good and evil by —

contrasting the actions of each twin against the other


Read the dictionary entry for the word doctoring from paragraph 22.
doctor \dŏk’ tәr\ v 1. to revise material for purposes of improvement 2. to tamper with 3. to heal
n 4. a scholar and teacher
Which definition most closely matches the way the word doctoring is used in paragraph 22?

Definition 3 - to heal


Read this excerpt from paragraph 38.
In the daytime, the people have rituals which honor the right-handed twin. Through the daytime rituals, they
thank the Master of Life. In the nighttime, the people dance and sing for the left-handed twin.
The excerpt suggests that the Iroquois people —

respect the balance of nature


The descriptions of the dancing and singing rituals of the Iroquois today suggest that they —

respect and honor nature


What idea does "The Animals help the woman after she falls from the sky." suggest?

Nature plays an important role in Iroquois culture.


What idea does "The twins argue about the way they should be born." suggest?

The Iroquois believe the world is made of forces in opposition to each other.


What idea does "The three sisters grow from the girl's body after she is buried." suggest?

Nature plays an important role in Iroquois culture.


What idea does "The man will not get the roots, so the woman sets out to gather them herself." suggest?

The Iroquois believe the world is made of forces in opposition to each other.


The woman falls through the hole in the sky.



The muskrat retrieves a bit of dirt from the bottom of the ocean.



The twins are born and their mother dies.



The twins decide they must duel to settle their conflict.



The right-handed twin kills the grandmother.



“The World on the Turtle’s Back” is a creation myth. Based on the title and the genre, what can the reader expect to occur in the myth before reading? How can the reader confirm the prediction? Use details from the myth in your response.

A creation myth is a myth that explains how things in the world came to be. Based on the title, the reader can predict that in Iroquois culture, the world grew on a turtle’s back. This prediction can be confirmed in paragraph 12, in which the woman places dirt on the turtle’s back and from it “the earth began to grow.”


What actions of the right-handed twin contribute to the theme that there is no true good or evil? Cite evidence from the selection to support your answer.

The right-handed twin initially is the twin who does everything “just as he should” and is the golden moral standard. But then, after constant frustration and anger, he “destroyed his brother” and beheaded his grandmother. These are actions that would not be carried out by a character who is purely “good,” but instead this person contains some evil or morally gray attributes.