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Give the equation for working out the reaction Gibbs energy, ΔRG in the gas phase and describe how it relates to the reaction

If ΔRG < 0 the forward reaction is spontaneous. 

If ΔRG > 0 the reverse reaction is spontaneous

If ΔRG = 0 the reaction is at equilibrium. 


Give the formal definition of the equilibrium constant, K0

Note that for this definition, only gaseous species are involved


Extend the formal equation of the equilibrium constant to cater for liquid solutions 

Note that [J] is the equilibrium concentration of species J

c0 is 1moldm-3


Give the equation linking K0 and  ΔRG0


Define K0

K0 is the equilibrium constant which reflects equilibrium composition 

If K0 is large, products are favoured. 

If K0 is small, reactants are favoured


State Le Chatelier's principle

A system at equilibrium, when subjected to a disturbance, responds in a way that tends to minimise the effect of the disturbance