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The Circulatory System

  • the resting heart rate is controlled by a group of cells in the right atrium  wall that acts as a pacemaker
  • A blood cell is adapted for transporting oxygen by is being biconcave, whcih means it has a larger surface area for absorbing oxygen
  • Another way is that it contain haemoglobin which binds with oxygen so it can be carried to the body tissues. It has no nucleus so there is space to carry oxygen.
  • the structure of a capillary is that they have a permeable wall, so substances can diffue in and out. Their walls are usually one cell thick, which increases the rate of diffusion by decreasing the distance over it occurs
  • The function of the left ventricle is to pump blood around the BODY.
  • deoxygenated blood enter the right atrium through the vena cava. Right atrium contracts, blood passes through valve into the right ventricle, it contracts, pushing blood through pulmonary artery out of the heart to the lungs.