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If using a generator to power a electrical exhaust fan you should not use a cord__________

50 feet or more


Portable generators should be ran________ for_______ and all lights shall be operated for_______ .

Weekly, 15 minutes and 5 minutes


Ladder company apparatus on board generators shall be checked? 4.6
A. Daily
B. Start of each tour
C. Saturdays/Sundays (MUD)
D. Instructions received with new apparatus training

C. Sat,Sun (MUD)


Choose the correct statement about ladders co. on board generators? 4.3
A. All apparatus 2001 and newer, cord reels are 12 gauge wire
B. Cord reels are 50 feet in length
C. 12 gauge cord will encounter problems powering fans when the cord is more than 50 feet
D. 10 gauge cord will encounter problems powering fans when the cord is more than 50 feet



The Honda portable generator has a approximate run time of____________ 1.2

4 1/2 hours


Do not run the Honda generator at max. output for more than__________ 4.4

30 minutes


Choose a incorrect statement when cutting a tree using a chain saw? 3.5-3.9
A. Exert moderate pressure to help chain cut the wood
B. Hold saw on top of the log and slowly throttle up as you cut the wood
C. Start cuts with the bumper spike against the wood
D. Always have your body on the left side of the chain



You should establish a ___________ circle of danger before operating a chain saw 4.4

10 foot radius


True or False
Full bunker gear and firefighting gloves are saw protected a will prevent the chain from inflicting injury. 7.3.2, 8.1.3



Choose the correct statement in regards to pull-in and push-back. 3.10, 3.11
A. Pull-in occurs when the chain on top of the bar is suddenly stopped when its pinched or caught
B. Twist the saw when withdrawing the bar will prevent push back
C. Pull-in can be avoided if you start the cut with the bumper spike in contact with the wood
D. Push-back occurs when the chain on the bottom of the bar is stopped



Fuel and bar oil levels are to be checked?
8.2.4, 8.1.3
B. Daily
C. Once a week
D. Start of each tour

C. Weekly


Members whenever testing or operating the chain saw must wear all of the following except? 8.1.3
A. Eye and ear protection
B. Chaps over shorts or pants
C. Helmet and Bunker boots
D. Saw protected gloves

B. (Long pants or bunker pants)


Chain saw chaps protect the user when a chain saw strikes the chaps. Choose a incorrect statement? 8.1.3
A. If the chap surface or pad is cut it cuts the kevlar fibers
B. If another cut occurs it will only pull out the kevlar strands
C. Kevlar fibers are pushed away from the drive sprocket
D.Kevlar fibers can stop the chain


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