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When was the Hellenistic Period

323-31 B.C.
This was between the Death of Alexander the Great and the emergence of the Roman Empire.


How does the stage during the Hellenistic period differ from Classical Greece.

The orchestra is more-so 3/4 of a circle, a horseshoe, and there is more focus on the solid skênê design.


What is added into the Theatron during the Hellenistic period.

The 'Diazoma' which is a horizontal walkway between the upper and lower viewing sections: kerkis


What happened to the skênê during the Hellenistic period. TERMINOLOGY (3)
Episkenion, Thyromata, The Logeion

The skênê introduced the Episkenion: the facade of a second level. Pierced by one or more doors - Thyromata - this served as a background for the orchestra and lower skênê - The Logeion -


What is the 'Prohedria'

This is the ornate front row seats that were used for VIPS, this included priests, dignitaries and officials/figures of authority.