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Overseas Tankship Ltd v Morts Dock and Engineering Co Ltd, The Wagon Mound (No1)

Remoteness - oil spill from ship - caught fire

Is the damage foreseeable by the reasonable person?


Hughes v Lord Advocate

Remoteness - 'Similar in type rule'

manhole - paraffin lamp - explosion

Provided the type of injury (e.g. burn) was reasonably foreseeable, it is not necessary to foresee the precise way in which it was caused.


Tremain v Pike

Remoteness - 'Similar in type rule'

Farm - rats - Weil's disease (rare)

Where the type of injury is not reasonably foreseeable, a defendant will not be liable, even if some other kind of injury is foreseeable.


Robinson v Post Office

"Thin Skull Rule"

C suffered slight injuries - received anti-tetanus jab - suffered allergic reaction

Where some kind of harm is foreseeable, D liable for the full extent, even if full extent is unforeseeable or exceptional.


Bradford v Robinson rentals

Frostbite case


Langdon v O'connor

Thin wallet rule