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A townhouse consisting of two or more occupancies under one roof connected by the side charlie wall is called ________.

A back to back town house


Townhouses that consist of two stacked dwellings (one on top of the other) with a common floor separated by a firewall are called ___________.

Piggy back town houses


Townhouses that are stacked one on top of the other that do not share a common floor are called __________.

over-under town houses


A _________ is a multi-story dwelling attached to at least 2 other dwelling that typically have a common cockloft under a flat roof.

row house


What are the responsibilities of the first due engine?

Deployment of the initial attack line, search as the line is advanced


What are the responsibilities of the second due engine?

Ensure a water supply

Ensure first line is operational

Deploy a second line


What are the responsibilities of the third due engine?

Secondary Water supply and visual inspection of side C

Check for extension and possible exposure line


Where should the third due engine position on a town house fire?

At the rear. If there is no rear access then position at the end of the row closest to the involved unit so that hose lines can be placed to the rear.

Allow space for the second due truck if needed.


What are the responsibilities of the 4th due engine?


Complete secondary water supply for the 3rd due engine if needed.


What are the responsibilities of the 1st due truck?

Position for rapid deployment of ladders and entry into the structure.

Force entry, primary search, coordinated ventilation


What are the responsibilities of the 2nd due truck?

Position in the rear when possible. If not possible, position in the front of the uncovered exposures.

Ground ladders and truck operations in the rear remain priority.


What are the responsibilities of the rescue company?

Primary is search and rescue however if these task are already being completed they may be used for forcing entry, coordinated ventilation, or ground ladders.


What does CAN stand for?



Wind driven fires can occur in winds as low as _____ to _____ mph.

10 to 20 MPH


What 5 conditions must exist for a wind driven fire to occur?

1. Fire in the structure
2. Failed or open window to the outside in the fire area
3. Presence of wind on the exterior of the structure.
4. Failed or open door to the living area.
5. An unobstructed path to an outlet for the fire to vent.