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Non-modularized crawler

Steering clutches were spring applied, hydraulically released and brakes were hydraulically applied spring release


Non-modularized brakes

Band with lining material is wrapped around the steering clutch assembly. Band is pulled away by spring and pull onto drum by hydraulic pressure


Steering clutches

Spring applied and hydraulically released. Multi disc clutch pack with usually more discs than trans due to torque increase


Crawler cross shaft

Generally bolted solid to the bevel crown gear. This results in the machine stopping if only one brake is applied (as long as that clutch is engaged)


Non-modularized brake are?

A self energizing brake


What is normal operating temperature for a trans

150 - 180 F


If steering clutches are slipping this will be indicated by a _____ stall speed

Higher then specified in all speed ranges


2 common brake types used in steering clutch and brake equipped machines

Band type
Multiple disc, oil bath brakes


What are the 2 rules about bi-directional hydrostatic motors

Can never go to 0 degrees
Can never go over center


What are 3 advantages of hydrostatic steering over clutch and brake (ILM)

Power is applied to both tracks when turning
Infinitely variable track speed, and counter rotation make it more manoeuverable
Infinite speed control, means ground speed can be adjusted for optimum traction


What component limits pressure in charge circuit of HSS

Neutral charge relief


What are 3 functions of the charge circuit in the HSS

Control circuit (pilot)
Replenish closed loop leaked oil
Supercharge main piston pump inlet


What is the function of the flushing valve on the HSS

Provide more efficient cooling for closed circuit components


The ECU of an electronically controlled dual path HSS monitors machine tracking by

Monitoring feedback signals from speed sensors mounted on the right and left track motors