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What are the 4 forms of conservatism?

traditional C. , one-nation C. and the new right, and neo liberal


outline Thomas Hobbes idea of Human imperfection

Hobbes argued in his famous work 'leviathan" that humans are morally, intellectually and phsycologically imperfect and ruthlessly self-interested and so incapable of reaching a state of perfection.


What is the 'state of nature' ?

the state of nature is our species that natural state in a described society where individuals live without laws,and so existence would be a hellish chaotic world o constat warfare.


what is best to describe life in a society in "the state of nature"?

'solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short'.


Hobbes did not think of humans as wholly irrational, instead what did he believe?

Individuals would seek realise hey need protection from themselves and so they would be rational enough to seek order which can only be achieved by social contract .


what would a social contract between an authority and individuals do?

Hobbes believed that it would makes individuals give up freedoms (meaningless in a chaotic state of nature) to an all powerful sovereign, in return sov. grants legal and physical protection to his subjects.


what does hobbes make clear about society and the state?

He makes it clear that society cannot exist before the creation of the state.


what do both Oakeshott , burke and hobbes believe about the unequal society?

believe that inequality is natural/inevitable because some components (people and their jobs) of the organic society we live in are more important than others- giving a natural order to life