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Before Start Flow

“After fueling is complete and approximately 10 minutes prior to gate departure”

AML and Flight Forms - Check


“After receiving the cabin ready report and all external door closed”

Flightdeck Door - Closed and Secured
Probe Heat switches - On
Hydraulic Panel - Set
Door/Windows - Closed/Locked
Anti-Collision Light - On


After Start Flow

“After Engines Stabilized”

Anti-Ice Switches - Verify
A/C and Bleeds - Set
—————— “I have a salute”
Flaps - Set
Recall Check
Flight Control Check


Before Takeoff Flow

“After load closeout reviewed, both engines running and flaps set for takeoff”

Stab Trim - Set
Flaps - Set and Green Light
Takeoff Data and Bugs - Check
A/C and Bleeds - AUTO and Set


Before taking the runway flow

“When approaching number one for takeoff”

MCP/ND - Check
Exterior Lights - Set
Minimum Takeoff Fuel - Verify


After Takeoff Flow

“After flap and slat retraction”

Gear - Up (OFF for MAX)
Flaps - Up no lights
Auto Brake - Off
A/C, Bleeds and Pressurization - Check
Anti-Ice - As Required
APU - As Required


Pilot Flying Descent Flow

“Descending through 18,000 feet MSL”

Anti Ice - As Required
Terrain Display - Select
Auto Brake - As Required
FMS - Set
Radios and Displays - Set



Pilot Monitoring Descent Flow

“Descending through 18,000ft MSL”

Anti-Ice - As Required
Pressurization - Check
Recall - Checked
Terrain Display - Select
Radios and Displays - Set



After Landing Flow

“After the aircraft has cleared the landing runway”

Flaps - Up/No Lights
Stabilizer Trim - 5 Units
Auto Brake - Off
Flight Directors - Off
WX Radar - Off
Exterior Lights - As Required
Anti Ice Switches - As Required


Shutdown Flow

“After the aircraft is parked with parking brake set”

Engine Start Levers - Cutoff
Transponder - STBY
Anti-Collision Light - Off
A/C and Bleeds - Set
Window Heat - Off
Probe Heat - Auto
Anti-Ice - Off
Elec HYD Pumps - Off
EMER Exit Lights - Off
Engine Start Switches - Auto
Oxygen/Engine oil/Hydraulic Fluid Quantities - Check
Arrival Report - Send
Flightdeck Lights - As Required