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What does le mariage contain?

Can't just have it in a church (not legally binding)
Have to be a civil marriage- signed
Must be performed by French civil authority
Civil ceremonies only take place on the town hall
Same sex marriage is legal since 2013


What does PACS entail?

Was for gay people to get 'married' when it was banned
Now can be used by gay or straight people- religious reasons etc
Don't change name in this contract
Sign a paper saying its your kid
If you adopt only one parent offically adopts the child


What does l'union libre/le concubinage entail?

Union between 2 people that lack a public recognised bond
eg: someone you can't marry but are in a sexual relationship with


What does Avoir le droit de garde alterne mean?

Some weekends with one parents then another with the other


What does Avoir le droite de visite mean?

Visit kids with parents there