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describe the muscle compartment for the arm

anterior compartment: flex elbow, flex arm, forearm supination posterior compartment: extend elbow


describe the muscle compartment for the forearm

anterior compartments: flex wrist and fingers, pronation posterior compartment: extend wrist and fingers, supination


describe the muscle compartment for the hand

extrinsic muscles (do not originate in the hand) intrinsic muscles (originate in the hand)


muscles of anterior arm

Coracobrachialis, brachialis, bicep brachii all innervated by the musculocutaneous nerve



coracoid process of the scapula to humerus action: flexor of the arm (shoulder) innervated by the musculocutaneous nerve



anterior humerus to ulna 

action: flexor of forearm (elbow) 

inserts onton the ulna.. ulna has attachment to the humerus....can do hinge actions and flexion and extension but can NOT pivot 

innervation: musculocutaneous nerve 


biceps brachii 

has two heads (origins) originating from the scapula and attaches to the radial tuberosity 

long head tendon passes through intertubercular sulcus 

action: flexor and supinator of the forearm 

innervation: flexor and supinator of the forearm 

has a lot of actions at the elbow 


triceps brachii 

3 heads originating from scapula and humerus and inserting onto olecranon process of ulna 

action: extension of forearm (elbow) 

innervation: radial nerve 



quadrangular space 

aother nerve and arteyr that come through it (axillary nerve-- deltoid and teres minor) 

posterior circumflex (3rd dividsion of axillary artery) above the triangle interval where the radial nerve goes... 


arm muscle chart 


cubital fossa 

  • depression anterior to the elbow joint formed by the boarders of : 
    • brachioradialis muscle 
    • pronator teres muscle 
    • epicondyles of humerus 
  • contents 
    • tendon of biceps muscle 
    • median nerve 
    • brachial artery 
  • covered by the bicipital aponeurosis 
    • median cubital vein travels over the aponeurosis and connects the cephalic and basilic veins 
    • radial nerve passues under the brachioradialis 
    • ulna passes posterial to the medial epicondyle 


median cubital veins 

travels over the aponeurosis and connects the cephalic and basilic veins 




hand movements ... pay attention to this 


superficial anterior compartment 

superlicial  originals near the medial humerius and innervated by the median nerve 

...median nerve: travels throug bubital fossa and innervate nerve


innervated by median nerve except fo the flexor carpi ulnaris which is innervated by ulnar nerve  


flexor carpi ulnaris 

inserts onto the medial carpasl and flexes and adducts the wrist 

innervation: ulna nervors 

flexor of the writst on the ulna site and attached to the bones of the wrist on the ulna side 

medial deviation 


Palmaris longus 

attaches to palmar aponeurosis of hand and flexes wrist (may be absent) 

palmar aponeurosis is a triangular deep fascia over the palm, extending to the digits 


insets onto the palm, a sheet of the palm....help with cupping the palm 



flexor carpi radialis 

inserts onto the later metacarpals and thus flexes and abducts wrist 

*attach on the radial side....deals with the flexor action of the wrist lateral deviation 


Pronator teres 

attaches to radius and pronates forearm

attaches to the radius and allows pivot action... one of the boundaries of the cubital fossa,


flexor digitotunum 

medial humerus and radius to middle phalanges of digits 2-5 

flexes digits at metacarpalphalangeal joint and PIP 


innervated by median nerve 

doesn't go into distal phalanges so it can't move it.... moves proximal and metacarpal phalanges joint because it crosses it 



muscles of forearm chart 


deep muscles of anteriror compartment 

deep muscle originate on forearm and interosseous membrane.... all innervated by median never except the flxor digitorum profundus which is innervated by both the median nerve and the ulna nerve 

- flexor digitorum profundus 

-flexor pollicis longus 

-pronator quadratus 


flexor digitorum profundus