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This law prohibits all racial discrimination in the sale or rental of publicly or privately held property without exception


The civil rights act of 1866


This Act prohibits discrimination based on
familiar status

The fair housing act


HOPA (housing for older persons act requires that at least

80% of occupied units have one person age 55 or older living in them.


Familial status is defined as

One or more individuals under age 18 living with a partner or guardian.


It is illegal to advertise properties as being for adults only or to indicate a preference for certain number of children. Meaning....

Landlords and condominiums/cooperatives cannot restrict the number of occupants within the intent of illuminating families with children.


Under the fair housing act as handicap/disability. A disability is

A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of a persons major life activities and includes having a record of having such impairment, or being recorded as having such an impairment even if one does not exist.


People with disabilities must be permitted

To make necessary, reasonable modifications to the premises at their own expense.


Blockbusting is defined as

The act of it hurting people to sell or rent their home by claiming that the entry of a protected class of people into the neighborhood will have some sort of negative impact on property values.


Steering is defined as

Channeling of home seekers to particular neighborhoods or discouraging potential buyers from considering some areas.


HUD's regulation on Advertising or advertisements of a property for sale or rent may not include language indicating

Preference or limitation


Redlining is defined as

Refusing to make mortgage loans or issue insurance policies in specific areas for reasons other than economic qualifications of an applicant. Redlining refers to literally drawing a line around particular areas.


The federal fair housing act is a ministered by the office of fair housing an equal opportunity under the direction of the secretary of HUD. Any aggravated person who believes illegal discrimination has occurred may file a complaint with HUD within

One year of the alleged act.


Upon receiving a complaint, HUD initiate an investigation within how many days of filing a complaint?

100 days


If found guilty for discrimination under HUD the first offense penalty can range from and up too this amount of money.



That attorney general, upon finding reasonable cause to believe that any person or group is engage in a pattern or practice of resistance to the full enjoyment of any of the rights granted by the federal fair housing laws, may file a civil action in any federal district court civil penalties may result in an amount not to exceed

$50,000 for its first violation.


Complaint brought under the civil rights act of 1866 are taken directly to

Federal court